Traffic Jam!! Here Are 15 Cities With The Most Vehicular Traffic, African Cities Missed Out…

Nearly everybody has had an involvement with traffic jam whether in their own particular cities or while visiting other cities around the globe.

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For a few people, subsequent to sitting in an heavy jam,their city can take on the specter of having the worst traffic jam in the world, but this is often a personal and emotional conviction backed up by little actual data.

TomTom, a navigation company, has helped with a data-driven picture of what cities actually have the heaviest vehicular traffic.

Surprisingly, no African city made the list of 15 cities with the heaviest traffic jam and we are not sure if that is actually the reality or if no data was actually sourced from African cities.

Whatever the real case may be, the Traffic Index 2017 published in February saw Mexico City carrying the not-so-honorable title of the most traffic-jammed city in the world.

In the city managed by Miguel Angel Mancera, motorists can spend up to 66% more than the “ideal time” programmed to reach their destination. At peak hours, that already daunting percentage can climb to 101%

The report defines “ideal time,” as a situation with completely clear avenues, where the motorist moves without interruption of road congestion. Data for the report was collected over a period of nine years from 390 cities, according to the Dutch company.

In this year’s index, transit in Mexico City increased seven percentage points, compared to the previous report. With the new numbers, on a daily basis, citizens spend up to 59 extra minutes in the car, on average and that average would amount to 227 hours a year.

Here is the list of countries with the heaviest traffic jam as compiled by TomTom navigation;

1.Ciudad of Mexico (66%)

2. Bangkok, Thailand (61%)

3. Jakarta, Indonesia (58%)

4. Chongqing, China (52%)

5. Bucharest, Romania (50%)

6. Istanbul, Turkey (49%)

7. Chengdu, China (47%)

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (47%)

9. Tainan, Taiwan (46%)

10. Beijing, China (46%)

11. Changsha, China (45% )

12. Los Angeles, USA (45%)

13. Moscow, Russia (44%)

14. Guangzhou, China (44%)

15. Shenzhen, China (44%)

Others include:

Hangzhou, China ( 43%)

Santiago de Chile, Chile (43%)

Shijiazhuang, China (42%)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (42%)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (41%)

St. Petersburg, China (41%)

Shanghai, China (41%) 23. Tianjin, China (41%)

Taipei, Taiwan (40%)

London, England

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