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“Trade By Black Black”- Focus On Broad Hoax!!

“Do not expect that those who came to invade us write the truth about us,” said Miriam Makeba.

Africa was invaded by the West for a long period of its history. These, for having invaded, for exploiting our lands and men, are granted the right to assign us a story.

“It is indeed the story written by the hunter and it will change the day the lion will write its own history” as the saying Senegalese proverb. A story that shows the African beneficiary as people favor of the colonizer, the civilizing, the imperialist, the invader; Pardons granted by pure humanism and altruism. This same story that presents Africans as the worst traitors that the world has ever known to have sold their fellow Africans to settlers. What do black jealousy Patrick Buison and Brutus.

Face adversity, three solutions are required, resist, despite everything to remain true to his convictions, join forces with the enemy against his will to save his life or ally to counter the enemy.

History will record that many people have chosen to ally with the enemy to save their skins. And Westerners are no exception to the rule.The Holocaust is a perfect example, because Petain, Marechal at the time delivered the Jews, who until the contrary are white, to Nazi Germany of Hitler, is guilty of the crime on the Jews.

Our history, we Africans are able to write. We can talk about the resistance of Angolans, Mozambicans, Kenyan, who resisted for years to free their country from invaders who wanted to impose their cultures. We will restore the truth about Africa and its history.

Telling all is that the black man is willingly complicit in the slave trade therefore of slavery without any coercion, just by greed, is a lie as visible as the nose on your face. No, black n ‘ have not sold their brethren on their own: while some collaborating as other Vichy remained as Jean Moulin.

Sad is to see that cunning and deceit, characterized by the denial of his own crimes, the West portrayed insistently “human” black as being the most treacherous of all the universe.

Source: NegroNews

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