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This Town In West Africa Has The Highest Number Of Twins In The World!!

West Africa has the highest occurrence of twins in the world. One town in particular, has a twin birth rate so high that the town was nicknamed the Twin Capital of the World.

1. Percentage wise, there are about 30 times more twins in that town than there are in Europe



According to a BBC article, there are about 158 twins per 1000 newborns in Twin Capital of the World, compared to 5 twins per 1000 newborns in Europe.

2. People attribute the predominance of twins to a meal



Àmàlà and Ìlasà is a morsel meal that combines yam powder and okra soup. Yams contain gonadotrophins, a chemical that helps women produce multiple eggs.

3. Twins are regarded as special creatures



Twins are taken care of in a special way: they wear the same clothes and have a shrine built for them in their living room.

4. The same phenomenon was observed in two other cities in the world


The towns of Kodinji in India and Candido in Brazil both have a high number of twin births.


5. Some community members worship twins



In a BBC interview, community members stated that “It’s a sort of honour to be so-called Father or mother of twins because they are a special breed from God.”

6. Raising twins can sometimes be difficult



Raising a pair of twins implies feeding two children. Some people cannot afford raising twins.

7. Twins are not the only thing that makes this town famous


The Twin Capital of the World is also a large charcoal-producing town.

8. The town in question is called Igbo-Ora

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.27.50 PM

sources : bbc

Igbo-Ora is a small town in the Oyo State, north of Lagos, Nigeria.


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