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So Touching!! I Want Jesus To Give Me A New Hand – Kosie Wessels

The 7-year old Kosie Wessels who lost his left hand to a firecracker has called on the almighty God to give him a new one.

His hand was amputated as a result of the damage done by the explosive. The brave but hurting little boy told his mother that he was praying to Jesus to give him a new hand.

Report says that the public made donations for his medical bills. He was first taken to Polokwane Provincial Hospital and then moved to Mediclinic, Limpopo.

Kosie Wessels is a first grader at Piet Hugo Primary. The young boy curiously found the explosive in his elder sister’s bag. The family resides in Ladanna, Polokwane.

In a common child-like curiosity, Kosie lit the firecracker with the match he found in his 17-year old sister’s room. Unfortunately the firecracker exploded and destroyed his left hand.



Report said the young boy ran to his mother in a burning shirt and his left hand hanging on a thin piece of skin.

His stunned mother wrapped his left hand and rushed to the hospital. The doctors sadly gave no other option than an amputation of the hand. Kosie also had burns on his arms, stomach and left ear.

“My boy is in a lot of pain. He has suffered burn wounds all over his body.” – Strydom, Kosie’s Mother.

While the 7-year old is praying to Jesus to give him a new hand, he has also found a way to cope with the moment.

Kossie Wessels has definitely lost his left hand but he is putting the other one into proper use. Kossie has been drawing with his right hand. Perhaps this is all the trick he needs at this stage to deal with this impairment.

“He is drawing with his right hand already. My sister-in-law is very upset because she didn’t know the cracker was in the house.” – Kosie’s Aunt.

Kosie’s sister still hurts and blames herself for the accident.


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