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Touching!! This Beautiful Story Of The Conjoined McDonald Twins Will Charm Your Heart!!

The McDonald twins have been in the spotlight for all the amazing reasons.

They were first known for being the twins who were conjoined at the head. Now the story has changed for the better.

The McDonald twins charmed the hearts of many over the internet and media in general. Their parents, after due consideration, opted to separate them. Successfully the two lovely boys survived the 27-hour long surgery and are now on their own.


Separating the twins Jadon and Anias McDonald cost the sum of $2.5 million. The successful separation of the boys marks the 59th craniopagus surgery in the world since 1952.

Christian McDonald said:

“I was just happy Nicole(the boys’mother) got to hold him. She’s been longing to hold him since the day the twins were born,” 

“That’s a very special moment for a mother to share.”



The surgery took place at Montefiore Medical Center, New York. It was carried out by a team of medical experts led by Dr. James Goodrich, who is considered the world’s leading neurosurgeon with regards to craniopagus surgery.

A lot of people anticipated the outcome of the surgery and fortunately, the outcome was positive enough. Their heads were separated, reconstructed and stitched.

In any case the reality of the outcome is that the McDonald twins stand a chance of suffering more developmental complications. The McDonalds were aware of this before they accepted to separate the boys.

Christian said:

“We know that is definitely a real possibility, but we’re still going to love our boys.”


Jordan’s recovery came faster than Anias who is now more likely to suffer more severe disabilities than his twin brother. However, the doctors confirm that they are both doing well.

The mum of the 2 boys poured her heart out on social media thanking the doctors who did the miracle of separating the boys in good health; and then to her family who have been very supportive all through the harrowing moments.


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