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Touching: Tennis Star, Serena Williams Writes A Moving Letter To Her Mother  

World tennis star Serena Wiliams, who gave birth to her first child 3 weeks ago with his fiancee Alexis Ohanian, wrote a moving open letter to her mother.

You’re one of the strongest women I know. I was looking at my daughter (and yes, I have a daughter! 😳), And she inherited my arms and legs. The same body as mine, muscular, strong, powerful. I do not know how I would react if she had to go through everything I’ve had to endure since I was fifteen, until now. I was called a man because I looked too muscular. It was said that I was doping (no, I have too much integrity to behave dishonestly, and derive an advantage from it). It has been said that I did not have my place in women’s sport – that the world of men corresponded to me more – because I had a stronger appearance than the others. (No, I just work a lot, and I was born with this killer body, and I’m proud of it).


But Mom, I do not know how you did not want to take you in front of every journalist, commentator, detractor or simple person who was too ignorant to understand the strength of the black woman. I am proud to be able to show them what we can do. We are not all alike. We have curves, we can be muscular, big, small … and we are all the same: we are women, and we are proud of it! I would like to follow your example one day. In any case, I try, and God has not yet finished with me. I still have a long way to go, but thank you.

Thank you for being this model that I needed to endure all the difficulties that I had to face and which I consider today as challenges – the kind of challenges I like today. I hope, in my turn, to be able to teach my child Alexis Olympia, and have the same courage as you have. Mom, promise me you’ll keep helping me. I’m not sure I’m as gentle and strong as you are at the moment. I hope to be one day. I love you tenderly. The youngest of your five children, Serena



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