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Touching Story of Adja, The 16 Years Old Black Student: “I Pr0stitute With The Agreement Of My Parents Because…….”

Difficult for some of them, to mention the reasons that led them to the sidewalks. Exercising the oldest profession in the world, these girls give themselves in the evening to strangers in search of carnal pleasure. Adja as she will be called, is 16 years old and a student of a high school. She lives in a slum in Banconi, Cape Verde.


“A beautiful girl, she enjoys the gifts of Mother Nature. Despite her young age, the schoolgirl is not cold at all. She does not go by four ways, she goes straight to the goal: “the pass is at 5000 FCFA, it can negotiate. Either we go to you, or somewhere, “she said.
In a dossier titled “These ‘necessities’ that push young girls to solicit,’ the daily gives the floor to the latter, many to invest the environment for various reasons. For Adji, it is necessary to support itself, and to help the parents. “We have to eat and dress. What do you think we should do, “she wonders.
My parents, “said the girl,” are aware of my work, they do not dissuade me. No one is opposed. Because, It is through my business that I solve the problems of my family. “The main thing,” she said, “is not to steal or beg.” As for Adja, every member of the family must contribute, and no matter where the money comes from.


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