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Touching: Rescuer Saves Suicidal Man From Drowning In Canal – Only To Discover It Was His Former Boss

A rescuer saved a suicidal man from drowning in a canal – only to discover the man was his former boss. Brian McKenzie made the desperate dash when he heard screams outside his home in the early hours last Saturday. Mr McKenzie, 50, raced to the Caledonian Canal in Inverness, Scotland, where he threw a lifebelt to a drowning man.

Brian McKenzie and Bill Anderson

But he was stunned to recognise him as his friend and ex-site foreman, Bill Anderson.

It was earlier revealed Bill, 71, had posted a “goodbye” message on Facebook before jumping into the freezing water in a bid to escape from personal problems.

Brian yesterday played down his actions and said he did not want anyone to call him a hero.


He admitted the incident had more meaning because he is facing his own battle with depression and had even attempted suicide himself.

He said: “What I did was not heroic, it was humane. It was not a great feat. “I was listening to the radio very early on Saturday morning and I heard a noise. It was obvious someone was in trouble so I went to help them. “When I got to the canal, it was well lit and I could see the person struggling in the water. I got there just in time.

“I threw a lifebelt to him and helped drag him to the side before holding on to his belt to stop him going under again. “It was then I realised I knew him – he was an old boss of mine from when I worked concreting the roads.”

Non-swimmer Bill posted the message to his family and friends on Facebook before going to drown himself.


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