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Touching! People Thought She Just Wanted To Be Near The Master’s Grave, But When They Took A Closer Look?

Lately, a touching photo traveled around the whole Internet. A German shepherd dug a pit in the grave of her master, probably, for being closer to him. She looked very tired and weak.

But there was something in this photo and this story no one knew about. An animal activist Mihajloski Vesna decided to investigate this story on the graveyard in Serbia and, finally, made a surprising discovery.

The dog dug the pit under the grave to create a warm and secure place for her four puppies.

At first the dog stayed at the graveyard to take care of her passed away master, but she gave birth to the puppies, and life there became unbearable. She could hardly get enough food for herself to produce vitally important milk that her puppies needed.

The health condition of both mother and puppies was very unstable.

Vesna did everything possible to get closer to the dog, but she didn’t let her do this. However, Vesna didn’t give up and was coming to them every day for two weeks and was bringing them food to earn their trust.

Finally, she managed to take the whole dog-family home and start taking care of them.

They were recovering step by step, and their vitality restored. The family was full, it was good taken care of and they lived far from the pit in the ground.

Vesna takes care of them and follows their health condition. She takes dogs to the vet every month until she gets sure that everything is fine and they are completely healthy and can live happy life and, what is more important, in hands of those who will love and protect them.

This story is with the happy ending, because the fitting person saw the sad photo on the social networks and decided to do something to help the dogs.

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