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Touching!! Impressive Revelations About The Life Of Barack Obama When He Was A Student!!


Michiko Kakutani, a famous American literary critic, met Barack Obama a few days before his departure from the White House. During their interview, Donald Trump’s predecessor had reversed his years as a young student in New York.

As one can see in an interview by Michiko Kakutani published in the magazine America, the first revelation of the former president to the author was that he had always dreamed of becoming a writer. His passion for literature, born in his youngest years, has never left him. Barack Obama also explains that when he was “in first or second year of university”, in New York, he had immersed himself in books intensively. “I was completely bent on myself,” he admits.

But the most impressive revelations is when Barack Obama unveils his years of galley. Before experiencing the luxury of the White House, he lived the life of a broke student from New York. “I had only one plate, one towel, and I bought my clothes in thrift stores,” says the former president of the United States.

During this period of scarcity during which he drank readings, books allowed him to refocus his life on the essentials. “It allowed me to rediscover the power of words to understand who I was, what I thought, what I believed, and what really mattered to me,” he said.

“I was a very passionate, relatively non-humorous person,” Donald Trump’s predecessor told the White House. It must be said that the most remarkable in these revelations of Barack Obama is not only his open-mindedness but above all his determination to succeed in life.

Obama had been able to take advantage of what nature and his environment had given him. His environment offered him good studies and nature his ability to be a good a good speaker. It is probably thanks to all this that he convinced the Americans to elect him as president.

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