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Touching: Canadian Mother Finds Her Son 31 Years After Being Kidnapped

The mother of a very young boy abducted in 1987 found his son. The reunion was filled with emotions three decades after his disappearance.

Canada’s Lyneth Mann-Lewis learned last week that the authorities had found her son, Jermaine Mann, in the United States.

His father, Allan Mann Jr., has since been arrested, accused of kidnapping the 21-month-old boy on a court-ordered visit in June 1987.

Mann-Lewis said that when she met her son, she caught him and clung to him.

“I shook his head and wanted to know if he was real. I touched it and said, ‘Oh my God, my baby,’ she said.

Jermaine Mann, now 33, replied, “Mom, you have my eyes.”

She said she had endured many difficult days over the past 31 years and boarded a flight to the United States to find her son shortly after learning he had been found.

” The words” your son is alive, we found it “is breathtaking, ” she said.

“Constant worry is finally over.”

Father faces kidnapping charges 
Allan Mann, who has dual Canadian and Ghanaian citizenship, was found alive as Hailee DeSouza in HUD-funded housing in Connecticut, federal officials said.


The authorities stated that after abducting his son, the father entered the United States and obtained a false identity for himself and his son, including birth certificates.

Mr. Mann briefly appeared in the Federal Court of Hartford, accused of misrepresenting transactions with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

A local newspaper reports that his son was sobbing in the foreground with his head in his hands and left the courthouse without comment.

The father told Jermaine Mann that his mother died shortly after he was born, Toronto police said.

“They lived a life of lies about who they were and what they did, unbeknownst to Jermaine,” Detective Wayne Banks said.

After facing the charges in the United States, Allan Mann should be extradited to face another kidnapping charge in Canada.

Ms. Mann-Lewis said during the reunion with her son:

“I want to encourage other families with missing children and their loved ones never to ever give up to find them. I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering, no one should give up, “ she said.

“Be patient, be strong and believe that anything is possible.”


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