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Touching!! Boxer Dale Evans Feels Responsible For The Death Of His Opponent Who Passed Away After Fight!

Welsh boxer, Mike Towell died following a welterweight fight, and his opponent Dale Evans says he feels responsible for his death.

Mike Towell was taken out of the boxing ring in Glasgow on a stretcher following a defeat on his part. He was defeated in the fifth round at the St Andrew’s Sporting Club event in Glasgow.

After being admitted to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Towell was diagnosed with intense bleeding and brain swelling. Mike Towell died 12 hours after being taken off life support.

Dale Evans felt he played a part in Towell’s death.

“I feel like I am responsible. I can’t stop thinking about Mike and his poor family. All my thoughts are with them,” he said in an interview with BBC Wales Sport. “It has been awful. All I can think of is his two-year-old kid and his girlfriend and family who won’t have him around anymore.

“I feel like I am responsible because we are the ones punching each other – and this is something I have to live with now.”

Prior to the match between Towell and Evans, Towell had been unbeaten with a record of 11 wins and one draw.

However, it seems Towell’s problem might have begun even before the fight with Dale Evans. The mother of Towell’s son, Chloe Ross said he had been complaining of headaches for the past two weeks.

But it appears no one on Towell’s management team was aware of their client suffering headaches, according to a St Andrews spokesman.

Deaths in boxing are more common than many think. In British boxing, there have been various accounts of boxers who slumped mid-bout or others who passed away right after the event. Causes of these deaths are usually as a result of blood clots in the brain, brain seizures, and brain damages.

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