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Touching! Baby Born With No Arms Learns To Eat By Herself, Using Her Feet (Video)

This is very touching and at the same time, motivational and inspirational! One really has to value the life he/she has and complain less…

Elmira Knutzen’s daughter, Vasiliny was born without arms and the toddler has moved Social media and the world at large to tears after a video showing her eating by herself, using just her feet, surfaces online.


According to Mirror UK, Elmira Knutzen posted the footage of her daughter Vasiliny scooping up a bowl of food using a fork wedged between her toes.

The remarkable toddler takes a couple of goes as she lifts her foot towards her mouth, but eventually manages to eat a potato after carefully adjusting the cutlery.

The touching clip has been viewed over 30 million tines since being shared on Facebook earlier this week.

Watch below:



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