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Touch The End Of Your Toes To Know If You Have A Heart Problem Or Not

It is heart health that worries us the most. We dread our family members falling prey to cardiovascular disease, and turn to using better quality oil, and adapting a more active lifestyle. While we need to be conscious of our health, watch our diet and be in good physical form, there are a few quick tricks, though, to ensure your heart is healthy. Don’t lose sleep over whether or not you have a heart problem. Just employ this easy technique to ensure if you need to see your cardiologist anytime soon.

This process will help identify an imminent heart condition and give you leeway to correct the symptoms. And nothing better than knowing whether your heart needs immediate attention.

The stretch technique

You need to first sit on the floor, stretch your legs with your toes pointing upwards. Now without bending your knees you need to touch your toes using both hands. Those with reasonable flexibility will be able to do it with ease. If this comes naturally to you, your heart is in mint condition. But if you struggle, get your blood pressure soaring into the sky, you need to see your doctor pronto.



What the study says

In a study conducted by American Physiological Society in North Texas, involving 526 participants between the age group of 20 and 83, the blood pressure including the arteries and heart activity was measured while doing the said stretch exercise. The study established that those with an imminent heart condition had difficulty touching their toes without bending their knees. This confirmed the link between the body’s flexibility and the elasticity of the artery, particularly in participants over the age of 40.

It is as simple as that. Just do this at home, and you can decide for yourself if you have heart problem and need immediate care. Share this precautionary health measure with your folks if you find it useful.


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