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Tottenham and England Forward Dela Alli Accused of Racism After His Coronavirus Video

Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli finds himself in trouble in England following the publication of a video over the weekend on his Snapchat account. 

Indeed, in the video we can see the footballer in an airport, making fun of the coronavirus which has so far killed more than 700 people. After a shot where we see him facing the camera with a mask on his mouth, the English play then films an Asian person before making a shot on a bacterial gel. “The virus will have to be faster than that to infect me,” writes legend Alli to comment on this video.

The clips were said to have been filmed in a lounge at Heathrow Airport on Thursday as Ali prepared to take off for Dubai for the winter holidays.


What caused a great indignation on the fabric. Internet users were very shocked and let the player know.

Given the turn of things, Alli deleted the video on Saturday and wanted to react on social networks following this article    I regret having posted this video on my Snapchat account and I immediately removed it when I understood that she could offend. It was not at all my intention. I offer my sincere apologies to those I have offended. “

Sheffield South Yorkshire police said he was “liaising with universities and representatives of the city’s Chinese community to reassure and establish further details” of the incident.

Watch the video below …



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