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Top 10 World’s Weirdest Sports

We have been used to common sports like basketball or football. However, there are some sports that you may find interesting due to their eccentric nature. The top 10 weirdest sports are listed below.

10. Toe Wrestling

This game started during the 70’s and has the same goal like arm wrestling – to force the foot of the opponent to the ground. This sport came about in UK but is now famous in the entire world.

9. Bike Polo

If you can ride a bike, it’s still not easy to play bike polo. You have to aim to hit the ball with your mallet and avoid crashing with anyone in the process. This is now recognized as an international sport.

8. Chess Boxing

This is a sport that fuses boxing with chess. The rules are simple: the sport is divided into different rounds and each round is comprised of two sets – four minutes for chess and three minutes for boxing, totalling to seven minutes per round.

7. Fierljeppen

This is a Dutch sport and is another word for pole leaping. The mechanics of the game is that every player climbs a pole and would jump to a sand bit. It is said that this sport came from farmers who would just use a pole and jump to their next field.

6. Shin Kicking

If you have great tolerance for pain, then this sport is the one for you. This game involves two players wherein they would alternately kick each other in the shin. The player who made his opponent fall would win.


5. Beard and Moustache competition

There are countries wherein guys would display their beard and moustache with style. In some period in the year, they would enter this sport. There are a lot of qualities that determine the winner of the competition like thickness, quality and the like.

4. Squirrel Fishing

The goal of this sport is to lift the squirrels off the ground by luring them with peanut bait. As a precaution, players should be careful not to overfeed or harm the animals.

3. Wife Carrying

Do you find carrying your wife or being carried by your husband romantic? Then why not make it a sport? In this game, the man carries his wife through obstacle and hurdles. He should not let his wife touch the ground and go to the finish line as fast as he can in order to win.

2. Swamp Soccer

Playing soccer in a normal field could be hard and exhausting. What more in a puddle of mud where in you are slowed down by the weight of the mud? The game is quite challenging but also exciting.

1. Air Sex

This game may be really weird because it involves men having sexual intercourse with an imaginary woman. At one point, this can be really funny too.


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