Top Ten Most Cheapest Cities in the World (One African country makes the list?……)

Cheapest Cities in the World

As we have observed life is going more expensive day by day but still there are some Asian and middle east nations which are considered cheapest cities in the world.  In accordance to a research made by Economists intelligence unit by the average cost of living, most of the top 10 cheapest cities are located in Asia continent and the one of  interesting fact is that the half of the top ten most expensive cities are also located in Asia continent. so for example if i need to take meal , i can get a good meal in  (0.5 $) . just 50 cents can make anyone hunger free and full.

80 cents can dress you up with beautiful clothes and even you can hire any type of a labor for just 3 dollars for a whole day.


Ans : If a we take a glance in the world there are different cities in the world having the variable economic circumstances . The Economists Intelligence unit has revealed a list of top 10 nations having the cheapest living in the world. and the list is as follows:


These facts are based on average cost of living

1. Karachi: It is the  Cheapest city for living having the score 46, and it is located in Pakistan,Having over 12 Million population.The goods necessary for living are easy to purchase for lowest prices.

2. Tehran : It is the 2nd one.It is the capital of Iran and the largest  by population in the country.

3. Mumbai,India : With the score of 52,  it is the 3rd cheapest city over the world.  Mumbai is considered the cultural and commercial capital.

4. New Delhi, India : New Delhi is the fourth in the list of top ten cheapest cities over the world. It is the Capital of India. in terms of population it is a small  with  least 3,00,000 people.

5. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia : Jeddah is on 5th  number, which is located in Saudi Arabia and is a very important city in terms of trade and economy.

6. Katmandu, Nepal (Tie) : is a famous city of Nepal having the score of 58, Last year it was not listed in EIU’s WCOL report.

7. Panama City, Panama (Tie) : Panama  is tied with Katmandu city because it is also scored 58 on the EIU’s Index of the cheapest cities in the world.

8. Algiers, Algeria: The list prepared by EIU on the top 10 cheapest cities in the world, Algiers scored 59 and became the 8th cheapest city.

9. Dhaka, Bangladesh : Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the major city. It is covering the area of 315 Square KM and has the population of 8 million people. It scored 61 in EIU’s survey.

10. Muscat, Oman : Muscat  is the capital of Oman as well as it is the largest city and the government’s seat in Oman. In 2010 its population was estimated over 734,697 persons. In the EIU’s survey it scored 63 and it is the 10th cheapest to live in all over the world.



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