Meet The Unseparated Identical Twins As They Celebrate Their 100 Years Birthday

A pair of identical twins Mary Belle Roach and Mae Belle Powell from Symsonia, Kentucky, who have never lived apart, still dress alike, get their hair done togethe, and live with each other in their childhood home, just celebrated their 100th birthdays – and they still can’t get enough of each other.
The sisters were born in their hometown of Symsonia, Kentucky, on March 25, 1916 in the midst of World War I
The pair have even taken to sharing a bedroom in case one of them ever needs anything in the middle of the night. They told Today in an interview that, “We’re together all the time; we’ve never been separated. That’s all we know: to love each other.”
Unbreakable bond: Mae Belle (left) and Mary (right) have been inseparable over the past 100 years together
The sisters, who are still known as ‘The Wallace Twins’ because of their maiden names, were born in their hometown of Symsonia on March 25, 1916 in the midst of World War I.
Over the course of their lifetimes, they have visited all 50 states, as well eight countries in Europe, together. The women, who are both widows, continue to remain active despite their 100 years.
Mae Belle insisted that if she is not with her sister she is worried, and they both agree that they simply can’t get enough of each other. “I need her all the time. We’ve had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful life and still have it,”Mae Belle said.
As for their secret to living living to 100, Mae Belle told Inside Edition its ‘good genes’, noting that their mother lived to be 97.  “We didn’t smoke cigarettes. We didn’t smoke that pot. We never drank beer,” she added.

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