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Top Quality Engineering Firms In The World 2019

Wondering which engineering company is the biggest and the most prestigious?  Here is a list of some of the top global engineering firms in the world this year.

  1. Dynatect

There are perhaps only a few competitors of Dynatect who are doing something as exciting as they are. Delivering custom motion and protection for machines, the company’s products are looked up to by many organizations around the world.  Founded in 1945, the company has an estimated revenue of over $150 million.

With quality custom applications designed to meet specific industry and company needs, Dynatect ensures that they help build on customer experiences by ensuring more product differentiation, and an ever-expanding portfolio.


  1. 3M

3M was declared the dream company for millennials who wished to work in an engineering company. Formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company, the company operates in various fields such as industry, health care, worker safety and consumer goods.

3M was launched in 1902 in Minnesota, and since then it has employed over 90,000 workers in more than 70 countries.

In 2018 the company declared a revenue which is worth $32.77 billion. This has been estimated to be 3.5% growth year on year. Moreover, 3.2% of income can be attributed to organic growth.

In 2019 the firm is making plans to go bigger and become better. Some of the factors which have impacted its growth and will continue to change its growth include:

  1. Pricing growth in all the four quarters of the year.
  2. More cost headwinds.
  3. More acquisition and undertaking diversities in underperforming areas. For instance, itacquired Scott Safety from Johnson’s Controls.
  4. China’s tariff retaliation has had a positive impact on the performance of the firm.


3. Aalberts Industries

Aalberts is a technological company which operates in four main categories:

  1. Installation technology deals with the development and manufacturing of piping systems which control and distribute water and gas.
  2. Material technology providing heat and surface treatment in manufacturing solutions.
  3. Climatic technology solutions which develop, manufacture and sell air flow control solutions.
  4. Industrial technology specializing in specific manufacturing technologies.


4. Acciona


Acciona is an engineering company dealing with infrastructure, energy and water. The company’s major headquarters are found in Madrid, Spain and Acciona was founded in 1997. It has been involved in major projects all over the world including the Ting Kaubridge, located in Hong Kong.

It is also known as the largest supplier of renewable energy, supplying power for major companies in the Iberian Peninsula markets. Some of them include Unilever, Volkswagen, Prado, Aena, Inditex, Bimbo and many others.

In 2019, the company is planning to implement the use of more renewable energy. One of the major projects which Acciona will be undertaking will be in Telefonica. The method of using more renewable energy will help reduce the amount of CO2 produced.

It is estimated that the use of clean energy will reduce 102,000 tons of CO2 which emitted in the atmosphere.  Portugal and Spain have been campaigning the use of renewable energy, and things are looking up for them and the company has also taken root in other countries such as the UK, Brazil and Germany.


  1. Aecom Technology Operations

AECOM Technology, not to be confused with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is an engineering firm which provides design, construction and consulting services to businesses and governments. In 2016, it was named by Forbes as the world’s most admired engineering firm.

During the 2018 fiscal year, AECOM generated 20.1 billion worth of revenue.

This year, AECOM will be part of one of the most massive solar power panels in the world. The Solar River project, taking place in Australia is one of the most significant solar projects the country has ever undertaken. The plan will include 630,000 solar panels and 100 watts solar battery. It is estimated that more than 90,000 homes in South Australia will benefit from the project.


  1. BAE Solutions

BAE is a multinational defence security and aerospace companylocated in London. It is one of the largest defence companies in the world and is the biggest in Europe. Its major cities include the UK and the US. In America is one of the six major suppliers to the Department of Defense. However, the firm does have other major suppliers such as Saudi Arabia, India and Australia.

2019 will also see BAE set to join the UK fighter project.  In July 2018 the company announced that it would be one of the partners who would be undertaking the design of the new British fighter jet.

This move came after France and Germany launched their new fighter jet programs.  The British Tempest program, announced last year is set to be a big project.


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