Top Picks for 2024 Travel Investments: 3 Stocks Worth Buying!

If you believe in the power of revenge travel, these top travel stocks to buy in April may be appealing.

Deloitte’s analysis suggests that the urgency of vengeance travel has decreased. After all, it’s been a long time since countries around the world opened their borders following the Covid-19 accident. Going overseas is no longer considered a must-have novelty experience. Nonetheless, consumers may value vacations in ways they have never done before.

To be sure, investors should be aware of risk considerations. Currently, there appears to be a rotation away from riskier names. Furthermore, the sector in question is largely reliant on the overall health of the economy. Still, if you believe in the aforementioned trend, these are the top travel stocks to purchase in April.

1. Uber (UBER)

Uber, a ride-sharing pioneer, is one of the top travel stocks to purchase in April, despite not being the most pure enterprise in the field. Fundamentally, this is due to Uber’s efforts to “decentralize” mobility abroad. Prior to ride-sharing platforms, people needed to know some basic language to get around. Now all you need to do is press a few buttons on your phone.

From firsthand experience, I’ve used Uber in nations thousands of miles distant from home. It’s a truly beautiful innovation. Additionally, I prefer Uber over its competitor, Lyft. The former just provides significantly greater coverage than the latter. Aside from a blip in the third quarter, the company’s quarterly results have been impressive.

Experts expect earnings per share to be $1.34 in fiscal 2024. That’s significantly higher than last year’s EPS of 87 cents. They also expect sales of $43.3 billion, a 16.1% increase above $37.28 billion in 2023.

Analysts rank shares as a strong buy, with a price objective of $87.19, indicating approximately 16% upside potential.


2. Choice Hotel (CHH)

Choice Hotels is a hotel franchisor with operations in both the United States and worldwide. It operates in two segments: Hotel Franchising and Management and Corporate & Other. Because of its ownership of inexpensive brands, CHH stands out as one of the top travel stocks to purchase in April. Yes, folks may desire to unwind and relax. However, they are most likely want to do it at a low cost.

In complete candor, CHH stock is a volatile asset. Over the last year, it has gained less than 3%. And no, we’re not talking about a security that moves slowly ahead every month. Nonetheless, the underlying company is very robust. Aside from the EPS loss in Q3, the company exceeded all other quarterly forecasts last year. Overall, positive profit surprises averaged 5.1%.

Analysts predict that EPS will hit $6.38 this fiscal year. That is a significant improvement above previous year’s result of $6.11. Furthermore, they expect revenue to reach $1.6 billion, up 3.7% from $1.54 billion last year. Due to its significance, CHH could be one of the finest travel stocks to purchase in April.


3. Southwest airlines (LUV)

Southwest Airlines is one of the finest travel stocks to purchase in April, with a high risk-reward ratio. Fundamentally, and without current background, the story makes perfect sense. People who value new experiences are likely to favor those experiences over the trips itself. So purchasing discounted airfare appears to be a viable option.

However, Southwest relies mainly on Boeing. And, because Boeing is facing its own set of major challenges, the situation has led the airline to reconsider its 2024 forecast. Management announced that it will release a revised forecast on April 25. The market is cautious, given the greater than 11% decrease in value over the last 52 weeks.

Nonetheless, it is feasible that the corporation will report better-than-expected results. If that happens, LUV stock might skyrocket. Furthermore, the core narrative remains valid. If consumers prioritize travel, they will seek low-cost airfare.

LUV currently trades at 0.69X trailing-year revenue. It might be worth looking into if you don’t mind contrarian speculation.

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