Top Foods Pregnant Women Must Avoid

As an expectant mother, you should understand that it is no longer the usual that must go into your stomach as the growth of your unborn child is determine by whatever you put into your system.

In recent times, many pregnant women have faced birth related issues due to poor choice of diet during pregnancy. To avoid this, you must decide to quit certain unhealthy foods for pregnant women.

Find below a list of the top four foods to avoid.

1. Alcohol

Research has proven that mothers who are alcoholic have a greater risk of still birth and miscarriages. In fact after delivery, more percentage of women whoindulge in alcohol during pregnancy bring forth children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which manifest in the form of facial deformities and some level of retardation in reasoning as the child grows up.

2. Sea foods


Some certain sea foods are found to contain high level of mercury. High dosage of mercury causes certain developmental conditions. The older the sea foods, the higher the concentration of mercury in them. While sea foods contain a level of mercury, there are some that can be occasionally consumed. They include shrimps, salmon and catfish.

3. Semi cooked egg

Eggs are loaded with adequate amount of nutrient and protein which can be said to help in the growth and development of mother and child even during pregnancy. Semi cooked eggs can cause salmonella poisoning due to the bacterium salmonella. If you are to eat egg, ensure it is properly cooked above 100°C within the normal time frame to avoid the existence of poultry kinds of bacteria.

4. Papaya

While ripe pawpaw can be of great use for pregnant women, there is need for every pregnant women to avoid the consumption of both unripe and semi ripe. These kinds of papaya contain pepsin in its sap that could contract the womb and cause miscarriages in certain women especially those who have history with still birth and miscarriages.


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