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Top Doctors Are Now Urging Black People Older Than 40 Years To Stop Taking Ibuprofen!! Here’s why…

According to experts, ibuprofen, a common pain reliever, has serious health consequences. Although it provides immediate relief from headache, according to the FDA, ibuprofen increases the risk of heart disease. Even short-term use of this drug, as they explain, increases the chances of heart attack and stroke.


According to the statement from FDA, the chances are even higher in people who are over 40. Believe it or not, ibuprofen increases the chance of heart attack by 20%. After a study with 10 million patients whose results are published in the British Medical Journal, the warnings about the side effects from NSAIDs became more and more frequent.

Therefore, instead of reaching for ibuprofen the next time you have a headache, try out some natural remedy to avoid the serious side effects.


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