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Top Burkina Faso Artist Denounces Her Nationality: “I regret being born Burkinabe”

Victim of abuse of power, a singer denies her Burkinabè origins. Rama, a Burkinabe artist who plays slam music, is indignant at the insecurity in her country.

The singer spoke up on social networks to denounce the abuses of power of African leaders.

“I regret being born Burkinabe. My biggest pain in my life is my nationality. If changing Nationality could soothe my pain, I would change Nationality. I curse the day when I felt pity for my neighbor. I am ashamed of my nationality. And I can promise you on the last taste of my blood that we will not stay there. Rama the slameuse “.


According to the website ivoirebusiness which relates the information, the Burkinabe artist would have arrived in his country to do charity. And this gesture was very badly appreciated by the authorities of the country.

Indeed, the artist would have landed in the country with a column of luxury cars in the streets and donated.

She was applauded and drained of the world in her way. Also, she would have even promised more than 10 people a visit to Mecca with a budget of 35 million CFA francs. 
The authorities would have asked questions to see the party if there is not a political intention behind this generosity: “What is this girl doing, does she have the ambition to run for election? “..

Immediately, his house was searched and some of his staff arrested and auditioned by the police.



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