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Top 9 things you should never do to a pregnant woman

Pregnancy can be a stressful period for any expectant mum – never mind those who are experiencing it for the first time.

As well as the changes to your body, cravings, morning sickness and all those additional hormones floating around – plus the fact you’ve got a new life to look after – things other people do can add to your stress.

A recent survey by Asda has revealed the top ‘bugbears’ (or ‘bump-bears’) that expectant and new mums face on a daily basis.

1. Bump touching

“Did I say you could touch my stomach? If I weren’t pregnant, would you think you could invade my personal space? No? It’s still not ok.”

This took the top spot – with 60% of women surveyed saying bump touching by friends and family, but mostly complete strangers, was the ultimate irritant.

2. Back-handed compliments

You know the ones – those helpful, ‘friendly’ tips such as “you look tired, make sure you’re getting enough sleep” and exclamations on the size of the bump – “you look huge for how far along you are” and “are you sure you’re not carrying twins?”

You know they mean well, but it’s not what you want to hear when you already feel huge, exhausted and over-emotional.

3. Terrifying labour stories

Yes, you know a human has got to come out of you. Yes, you know it will hurt. You really don’t need to hear horror stories right before you live through it – it will only make you more nervous.

18% of women surveyed said that they hated this.

4. People giving your secret away

You opt for a soft drink instead of wine and suddenly your friends are loudly asking: “Why aren’t you drinking? Are you PREGNANT?”

Cue an interrogation you have to lie your way out of.

5. Questions about cravings


Apparently this is something we get asked a LOT when we’re expecting.

“Are you craving anything yet?”, “Had any weird cravings?”, “I used to eat gherkins all the time when I was pregnant!”

9% of women surveyed said that they were irritated by constantly being asked about cravings.

6. Questions about baby names

“What are you going to call the baby? You know, don’t you? You’re just not telling me… Oh, come on tell me, I won’t tell anyone!”

The Asda survey revealed that 58% of expectant mums would rather keep the name secret – despite being constantly asked what it is.

7. Unsolicited advice

As soon as you tell people you’re pregnant, they greet you with congratulations followed by a list of advice you didn’t ask for and most probably already heard from the last person you told you were pregnant.

“Sleep when the baby sleeps”, “Are you looking after yourself?”, “Are you taking vitamins?”

Can’t you just get to grips with the fact there’s a human inside you before you worry about sleeping patterns in seven month’s time?

8. Early visitors

You’ve just given birth, you look a mess, haven’t slept for two nights, your house is upside down and you’ve got piles of washing everywhere – which is when your second cousin decides to “pop in” to visit the baby.

Cue the frantic tidy-up around her while she does her best to wake up the newborn you’ve just got to sleep with her loud cooing.

34% of new mums said they secretly dread the unexpected invasion of early visitors hoping to get a sneak peak before they’re ready to let the world back in.

9. Childless friends having social lives

Having a baby? Say goodbye to those friends who don’t have kids and are still partying like they’re students. You probably won’t see them much anymore.


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