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Top 9 Most Popular African TV Shows To Watch

Africa’s TV industry is slowly and steadily gaining entry into people minds and hearts for telecasting some incredible talk shows, captivating dramas, and much more entertaining lineups.  Below are some are the top ten most popular African TV shows that make viewers glued to their screens.

Knowing Which Are Popular African TV Shows will guide you in enjoying television while in the continent or from outside the continent.  Most of these shows are educative particularly on matters concerning the African people and continent.

The most Popular African TV Shows to Watch

TV Show Country
Big Brother Africa Several African Countries
Tinsel Nigeria
Mashariki Mix East Africa
53 Extra Several African Contries
iNkaba – South Africa Generations South Africa
Shuga Kenya
Scandal South Africa
Rhythm City South Africa
The Wild South Africa

The article below reviews the African TV Shows that are produced and created in Africa.  From the article, you will know Which Are Popular African TV Shows in the continent.

1.Big Brother Africa – Africa

Big brother africa among the most popular African TV Show

Big Brother Africa is the continent’s version of the original Big Brother reality show based in the Netherlands. The game show started with 12 African countries. Each nation has a slot for at least one participant to live in an isolated house for 90 days while avoiding eviction by viewers and winning a large cash prize at the end.

The game show is co-produced by Endemol South Africa and is undoubtedly the most watched African TV drama.  For the duration in the house, the participants have no access to the outside world and are continuously monitored by in-house television cameras and personal audio microphones during their stay.

2.Tinsel – Nigeria

The Nigerian soap opera, Tinsel first hit the airwaves in August 2008. It has been acknowledged as the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times making it an African most popular TV show.  Tinsel is a must see Nigerian soap-opera, it is packed with passion, romance, and intrigue.  It also features some of the most brilliant Nigerian actors and actresses. It is produced by M-Net and has been on the air with more than 1000 episodes.

3.Mashariki Mix – East Africa

Mashariki Mix is the ideal resource for those who wish to understand and learn the lives and culture of the East African society. The show features models, actors, musicians,  television divas and business icons, The concurrent magazine showcases top entertainment and social personalities in the east African region. The hosts of the show are the handsome former Big Brother Africa contestant Nic Wang’ondu and the beautiful actress Sarah Hassan.

4.53 Extra – Africa

53Extra brings you cutting-edge infotainment and keeps you glued to your screen by keeping you informed on the latest trending fashion, gossips, celebrity news and exclusive interviews and entertainment news from Africa and the world.   The viewers of the show are mostly young men and women.

It’s hosted by the elegant and enchanting Eku Edwor, Sika Osei as well as the dashing Ozzy Agu.   It is an entertainment TV program that has gained popularity and fame in Africa.

5.iNkaba – South Africa 

iNkaba is a creation of John Kani and a production of Urban Brew Studios. The famous South Africa TV series is a must watch for people of all ages. It probes South Africa’s collective tradition which constitutes the stupendously wealthy and powerful, the resilient middle-class and the impoverished. The show is a narrative filled with insightfulness. It makes it to the list of the most African popular TV shows.


6.Generations – South Africa

African TV shows gets everyone excited with their popcon bags

Generations is a South African soapie that has been ranked the most watched television show in South Africa with more than 7 million viewers before it was renamed as Generations: The Legacy. The TV series was the show of the hour for audiences from all over Africa in the 90’s.

The engaging drama series celebrates the hopes and dreams of South Africans who strive to achieve a better future.  The audience’s reception of the show was warm. The production of one of the popular African TV shows stopped on August 11, 2014.  Mfundi Vundla created and produced the show which first aired on SABC 1 in 1994.

7.Shuga – Kenya

Kenya has made tremendous strides in the movie industry and from the country, comes Shuga. The television soap opera which is produced in Nairobi,  Kenya’s capital, has garnered audiences from the continent and America. BET channel runs Shuga series runs on BET channel almost daily. The show was first aired in November 2009 on MTV Base.  MTV Networks Africa commissioned the premier two seasons.

8.Scandal – South Africa

Scandal is a delightful South African TV soap opera that has attracted millions of viewers in the Africa continent. The drama storyline revolves around different characters, each connected to The Voice newspaper.  The characters are linked through sheer coincidence. Their principles and actions reflect on their lives. Noble and despicable personal ambitions tint their daily lives. The characters in Scandal, though working in an industry beleaguered by criticism, want their dreams to come true at all costs.

9.Rhythm City – South Africa
Cameraman filming one of the popular TV African Show

Rhythm City premiered on etv, the country’s free-to-air channel, in July 2007, as a replacement of Backstage which was a soap opera targeting the youth. Ratings indicate that the show has an impressive viewership of over 2 million.  The ratings overtook rival shows such as Isidingo and 7de Laan.

The series’ storyline is about the struggles and difficulties those who are trying to break into the music industry encounter.  The show also showcases the betrayal, duplicity, homosexuality, abortion, love and drug addictions of those who have succeeded in the music industry.

10.The Wild – South Africa

Rohan Dickson, Bronwyn Berry, and Richard Nosworthy are the creators of The Wild.  it is a series shot entirely on location just like the telenovelas from South America. The story is based on a huge piece of land where a five-star game lodge is built. It is an excellent series, which shows some of the best South African professionals. The show is produced by M-Net’s in-house production branch, Magic Factory.


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