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Top 9 Insane Wedding Gowns That Should Never Have Been Worn!! – 3,4&5 will shock you!

A woman’s wedding day is said to be the most important day in her life. Everything has to be absolutely perfect. The dress she wears will be the highlight of the wedding, and brides-to-be have made the wedding gown their  top priorities.

However, fashion designers who enjoy taking risks also sometimes go way overboard with their designs. The brides also in their efforts to have a wedding dress that will be talked about for the next few months, tend to blur the lines between classy and bizarre. Here are 9 unbelievable gowns ever:

1. The wedding cake gown: Yes, that’s the bride and yes that’s a wedding cake. Who comes up with such designs?

One flame-haired bride shows off an outfit made out of a giant cake, covered in white icing

2. A wedding gown made of balloons. She probably has no intention of sitting down during the ceremony.

wedding dress 8

3. The designer probably got her wedding dress measurements wrong.

One bride left little to the imagination in a bustier dress that just about covered her nipples and showcased her cleavage 

4. “I’ve got a big bump and I can’t deny”

One woman showcased her blossoming baby bump by cutting a hole in the middle of her strapless gown


5. Why  waste the silk fabric and all that lace? The man should see what he’s getting.

Doing away with a traditional frock altogether, one woman stepped out in a white lingerie set that was adorned with ivory roses and gold leaves 

6. This head-to-toe crocheted dress was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. We are not sure what exactly the inspiration for the dress is.

8. Crochet wedding dress

7. Well, at least she has a veil. That should count for something.

In 2012 Berlin designers Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl behind avant garde label Kavia Gauche sent a model down the catwalk in a barely-there thong bikini brief

8. Literally a walking lantern. Again who comes up with these designs? How much are they paid?

9. A peacock wedding dress. A pea….you know, never mind. Also, the dress cost $1.5- million. What?

1. Peacock wedding dress


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