Top 9 Best English Speaking Countries in Africa, Malawi Named Sixth

Malawi has been named as sixth best English Speaking African Country Africa in a study conducted by World Linguistic Agency.


According to reports, the study revelations have risen amid video from a Miss Rwanda contestant that was shown struggling with English in a country that made a move from Francophone to Anglophone.

The study also sees Nigerians being credited for taking the spot for constructing good sentences that are grammatically flawless.

English and Chichewa are the country’s two official languages.

English was introduced into Malawi towards the end of the 19th century, due to the influence of British explorers, missionaries, the arrival of the African Lakes Corporation and colonial administrators present since the establishment in the 1890s of the British Central Africa Protectorate.


The seventy years of British Colonial rule that followed the Scramble for Africa, set the groundwork for English to grow into the area’s dominant and most socially prestigious language.

Among other things official government records are written in English, the parliament conducts its deliberations in English, the laws of Malawi are written in English, progression into secondary and higher education requires certification of competence in English, nearly all Malawian newspapers are published in English (though some include small Chichewa supplements),

The full list is as follows:  [Updated]


2. Cameroon

3. Eritrea

4. The Gambia

5. Ghana


7. Kenya

8. Lesotho

9. Liberia


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  1. I have been left in awe Malawians can’t pronounce English words especially with an ‘r’ but you say they speak good English same with zambians and Kenyans! This is obviously a laymans article

    • i wonder; this article does not meet the standards to be termed as an official poll or study in relation to english speaking Banange

    • When you say Malawians cannot pronounce English words with “r” that suggests from your statement that you have met all Malawians right? All 13million Malawian isn’t it? Don’t make generalised statements when you are talking about a minority but rather consider saying some Malawians; just like someone could also say not everyone from your country can speak or pronounce English words properly ( just a suggestion ).

  2. this study must be having serious flaws..Ugandans. DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH LET ALONE SPEAKING. this is in kampala the capital city where you would expect the most learned persons..i wonder…if they are basing their facts on months and months of torture for one to speak english to win a miss something contest…i agree other than that. Very poor survey..statistically ” Banange”

  3. i wonder; this article does not meet the standards to be termed as an official poll or study in relation to english speaking Banange

  4. You need not publish garbage for the sake of creating a name for yourself, am so shocked when one comes up with such a misleading list that has no academic value attached to it. Please take your time and come up with an informed research

  5. I can imagine what was running through the writer’s mind when compiling these result….i have Ugandan friends and i tell you what they are not what you claim they are…and for the Cameroonians, is it the pigin English they speak you refer to as good English??? Anyways i wish you goodluck in your career as a researcher.

    • Ola, you Nigerians have no place on the planet earth…, not even now or in centuries to come. Work on your image, stop fraud and be real. Cameroonians are great in all aspects

    • Hahahha pigin English my foot. If u do not have anything to say better stay quiet . All hopes are not gone Just try to read novels I think it will help u improve ur English. Bye

    • Hey shut tge fuck up. You are speaking cabbage. I bet you are from nigeria. And you say cameroon don’t speak English. I am from cameroon and i also studied in Nigeria where you guys speak dumb english at times the teacher have to explain in Igbo before tgosw ddumb ass mother fuckers can understand. Dirst of u should no cameroon is a bilingual country if only u understand the meaning. We speak English and French and both languages have equal powers that’s 50/50 uf u understand what it mean. I guess u will think I’m writing in pidgin English. Peace out.

    • Did you do your findings well before irrationally jumping to such an erroneous conclusion? If you did, you would have known by now that Cameroon has one of the highest literacy rates in the region permitting it to take that position!

    • Wow! A Nigerian pointing a finger at other countries for speaking pidgin-English (please refer here for correct spelling of “pidgin”). Guess where the other four fingers are pointing my friend.

  6. Errrr, I live in Botswana !!! The national language is Setswana, and business language English !! Many Batswana cannot speak English, and in fact they will tell you to speak Setswana when you try and speak English ??? No 1, this article has absolutely no credibility …. isn’t Cameron predominantly French speaking too, Eritrea is of Italian heritage? I would have thought the commonwealth countries had a better command of English, and so Kenya / Ghana I agree with, and even countries such as Zimbabwe/Zambia. I have visited Zimbabwe, and albeit the accent is a little heavy (ie Dorra for a dollar), the grammer and vocabulary is excellent, and almost every Zimbabwean I met spoke English ??

    • Hell no we speak english .which part of botswana you talking about .Even 95% of our subjects are taught in english .

      lol you approach a 5year old they will speak to you in english .unless you went to some cattle post .ha ha now you the one lost

      • Which part of Bots do you! Don’t worry you will be strong hahahah
        We speak English here.

      • In this list, I fully agree with number one. 95% of Batswana speak English correctly, if u met people who asked you to speak setswana coz they didn speak English, they were just teasing you.

        • I stay in Botswana and am from Zimbabwe. Tswanas, mostly will tell you Sekhowa sealapisa which is to say English tires the tongue. Government offices will at times drop the phone when you try to converse in English. I have solid proof and evidence. Anyway that is beyond the point, this survey is the worst of all i have ever seen.

    • I agree with you as someone living in Botswana too. African accents differ coast to coast. Besides, who’s interested in this “better English-speaking” exercise?

      • You people all sound silly. Look at everyone abusing the other because they want to be considered the best English speakers. At the end of the day, non of you receive ant respect, because you are Africans.

        Come on, take pride in who God created you to be, your language, cultures, countries, and continent. After all the Bible says people from every nation, tribe, and tongue will praise him!!

    • Well by far, Batswana speak English better than many if not all African countries with very clean accent.

    • Yes…Cameroon is a bilingual country and Cameroonians are very fluent in both English and French . The English speaking Region formerly called British Southern Cameroon is very unique with high proficiency in English . South and East countries are good but their accents hardly permit them to sound fluently. Nigeria is equally good too but Nigerians often exaggerate the pronunciation of some English words and Ghana borrowing that Nigerian toungue makes them to portray low proficiency .Ghana would be the best if they remain unique.

      • I completely agree with your point.. Im from Cameroon and have been in the midst of nigerians, zimbabweans,ghanaians and a whole lot of african nationals. The Shauna language makes Zimbabweans sound weird yet their English is not that bad, you just have to be very attentive, word pronounciations have been seriously altered. Nigerians will just make pidgin english sound like proper english, and when it gets tough, some native words will be brought in to fill in the gaps very simple. Cameroon has French as its first language, yet English holds similar position in communication in the country. You can freely express yourself in either languages in the country, so do not be surprised to know Cameroon is a member state of the common wealth of nations and also member state of the Francophonie. Bilingual and very versatile people.

  7. If this is the type of Analysis we are exposed to by World Linguistic Agency then i guess the top 10 French speaking countries are South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria and Egypt !!! And the top Spanish speaking countries are Angola, Mozambique and Mauritius and oh yeah … Brazil !!!

  8. Fake list. I can’t help but wonder if you dreamt of the list, used any statistical method, or used heresay to form the list. I associate on a daily basis with all the above mentioned nationalities and so I know for a fact that it is imperative that you revise the list and put South Africa 2nd then Zimbabwe 3rd. Francophones off the list. Thank you

  9. I believe S.Sudanese can speak and pronounce English influentially better than those mentioned countries within Africa,then followed by S.Africa,Uganda,Zimbabwe and Angola,i don’t understand Nigerian English and Kenya leave alone Liberia.

      • Me, I guess you are right. This research work is not correct. Liberian speak English very well. For example, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and former president Charles G. Taylor.

    • Yeah this article leaves many heads wondering. What metrics did the survey employ to determine English command. Grammar, pronunciation, basic literacy? See am a namibian of botswana socialisation and I will tell you this thing is not a lineal thing. It’s multidimensional and in that regard you can’t leave out countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania. Yes Botswana belongs there as well as RSA. The former British East and west african colonies were the first to develop in English and they held out for a long time before their educational systems went bananas. Who doesn’t know this? Then came the Rhodedias , North and south. Botswana was a last entrant and hey, they have Invested in that education thing and their ROI just went through the roof. Lol. Yeah they chow good English now just try them.

    • let’s stay calm,this is just another way of making brothers and sister fight each other.let’s think it right believe in us and keep the unity on.

  10. u are kidding if u skip Zimbabwe in the best English speaking country in the world at large let alone Africa as a continent ….I am a Zimbabwean and what I understand is that only a few understand Shona or Ndebele (their traditional languages) better than English ….everyone I know uses English more than any other language so I don’t know on what or which criteria is this writing based on or upon

    maybe its the bottom 10

  11. Yes. .. Cameroon is a bilingual country and Cameroonians are very fluent in both English and French. But i doubt Southern / Eastern African Countries just like some West Africa countries including Nigeria and Liberia when it comes to pronunciation.
    Ghana is pretty good, but they often borrow pronunciation toungue from Nigeria making them to portray low proficiency in English.

  12. For God sake how many Cameroonians speak good English? Because u study in the South west province where English is dominantly spoken doesn’t mean they speak “good English”. You can’t compare Nigerians and Cameroonians when you speak of good English because Nigerians are far way better regardless of our tribal accent. In university of buea where I studied, they people speak mostly pidgin English and they try to translate French in English making their English terrible. What do u mean by this statement ” you are going to where” ? Pls judge by urselves is this good English?. I believe this survey wasn’t properly carried out not because Nigerians speaks better than Cameroonians but the categorisation is poor. Zimbabwe, Ghana are very good in English

    • TRUTH…The tribal accent you mentioned is what rates Nigeria Zero !!! AND believe me.. you can never gain admission into the Anglo-Saxon University of Buea, Cameroon !!

    • You are terribly mistaken. The fact that you engaged in a conversation with somebody in pidgin doesn’t mean that person can’t speak English. I have watched several Nigerian movies to judge that their English is skewed towards the direction of their mother tongues. I’ve stayed in Lagos where I met young people who spoke only Yoruba. Let’s not even mention the literacy level because Cameronon is miles ahead as compared to Nigeria

  13. This article is HOGWASH. It is an affront to African Journalism. It calls into question the work of the World Linguistic Agency .

  14. this article is not even accurate at all,what were the parameters used to measure and to get the above results? Article need to full explain how they got the numbers

  15. I do not know when Africans shall have a production mind set. By this we advocate to remain consumers forever and I wonder when Europeans shall ignite debate on which of their Countriesspeaks swahili best. Our research and debate should focus in promoting local languages to replace all these ccolonial stuffs.

  16. I pitty researchers, may be you need to correct your mistakes how then you forsake Uganda, my God uhmm, u bring malawi, cameroon. you piss me off even!
    the other time try to be efficiently stastical but you totally shameful.. am pissed off..!!

  17. There’s alot of things i’ve got to say about this ranking. Kenya should come 1st before any damn country is ranked top. It’s absolutely going crazy to think about this criteria. Nigeria,Botswana,Malawi to mention few,can’t even average Kenya,with people speaking mother tongues in English. I protest such kind of a biased Criteria.

  18. You guys are very stupid. Cameroon isn’t only a french speeking country, have it in your mind. Talking about accent, pronounciation and grammar nigerians are “0”.

  19. Nigerians would always take offens whenever Cameroon is mension in any statistical ranking.Cameroonians are always on top form,being french, english or whatever. Cameroonians speak good english with a very clear accent,even better than any African Country.Let me digress to sport a little bit, rem we once make African proud in football, that is to tell you Cameroonians are good at everything.

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