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Top 8 Football Stars Who Have Had A Difficult Childhood!!

They have all become stars in the world of football. However, they all have one thing in common: growing up in a poor or violent environment. Today, they are examples for many young people.

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 8-  Samuel Eto’o

The Cameroonian star is one of the best African players of all time. Yet Eto’o was born in Douala in Cameroon. He scored his first goals, barefoot, in a plastic ball.

Samuel Eto'o

7- Pele

In his childhood, the Peeled King was training with socks full of paper as a balloon. He scored 589 goals during his career. But the little pee was obliged to work as a waiter in a restaurant to help his family.


6- Ronaldo

Ronaldo, El phenomeno, was born in a poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Not rich enough to pay the bus ticket, he could never pass a test in his club Flamengo heart.


5- Rivaldo

The little Rivaldo grew up in a shanty town of paulista, his hometown. During his childhood, he experienced poverty and even suffered from malnutrition. A few years later, it will be golden balloon.


4- Ibrahimovic

Born in a wealthy suburb, Ibra’s father was an alcoholic and his mother beat him. As a teenager, he was bicycle theft. He always said that football had got him out of delinquency.


3- Atsu

The Ghanaian Star spent much of her teenage years selling drinking water in the streets of Accra, Ghana’s capital, hoping to become an international footballer.



2- Carlos Tevez

Tevez’s childhood is undoubtedly the most difficult of this classification. The Argentinean was born in one of the most dangerous suburbs of Bueno aires. At 5 years old, his father was assassinated by a gang. As for her mother, she was addicted to drugs. Carlos sometimes found himself in the midst of fights.

1- Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer who has not had an easy childhood. His family did not crumble under the gold, and the player found in football a way out of poverty that was watching him. Earlier, at his birth, he was even the victim of a malformation, which could have tainted his career as a footballer. But this randomness of life is nothing compared to the fate that could have been that of Cristiano Ronaldo: his mother had chosen abortion

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