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Top 8 Celebrities Who Are Very Rich But Have Become Extremely Poor!!

Celebrity is a position that always attracts glory, honors, respect, but especially wealth. However, this position does not permanently shelter from poverty. Several celebrities, having lived in opulence have fallen from the top of the ladder. Here are the top 8 celebrities who have become poor.

8- Val Kilmer

For those to whom this name says nothing, it is the interpreter of “Batman”. After gaining a large fortune, he tried to escape the taxes that caught up with him. So he sold his 2,200-acre ranch at half the price for his debts. Two years later, he found himself paying other taxes that ruined him this time.

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7- Pamela Anderson

The movie star “Malibu Alert”, which was successful in the 1990s, was forced to sell a lot of its belongings and its home in Malibu to clean up taxes that had long been trafficked for lack of a life of luxury widely Above its resources.

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6- Stephen Baldwin

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This actor would have big financial management problems. His taste for extravagant luxury caught up with him in 2012 with unpaid taxes for several months. He escaped from prison by selling all his possessions to pay his taxes. Now he is ruined.

5- Dennis Rodman

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This basketball player is considered one of the best defenders in history. But, he was known for his extravagance. He earned nearly $ 27 million throughout his career. But with a very luxurious lifestyle, he ended up in 2014, on the straw. Today, he is unable to pay support for his third child and to support himself.

4- Chris Tucker     

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With the movie “Rush Hour 1, 2, 3”, Chris Tucker earned $ 50 million. Like all celebrities, he lived in luxury before being caught up by unpaid taxes between 2001 and 2006. He sold everything he owned and ended up ruined.

3- Mike Tyson

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The legend of boxing ended up on the straw in 2003, despite the $ 400 million he raised during his career. He slammed all that fortune in villas and luxury cars before ending up with debts of $ 50 million.

2- Nicolas Cage

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This actor is well known to the public, but especially for his immeasurable taste of luxury, luxury cars, numerous villas, two private islands, yachts, exotic animals etc. He won nearly $ 200 million. He sold almost all his property too, to face his debts that he still has not finished settling.

1- Wesley Snipes

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He spent three years in a federal prison for not paying his taxes. But for this actor, poverty did not last long. In 2016, it became the highest paid actor in the world.


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