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Top 7 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses You Need To Know!

Who would’ve thought Tanzania would become of promising potential when it comes to movie production? Swahiliwood – the Tanzanian movie industry – has defied all odds, producing great movies that, if continued in its steady pace will be a formidable rival to all other regional movie industries in producing blockbuster movies.

Tanzania displays some of the most beautiful actresses in Africa too.

Here are Top 7 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses.

7. Mariam Ismail

We begin with Mariam Ismail who is a young beautiful Tanzanian actress with shining looks. Her acting roles have been described as excellent and original. She is a capable actress in Swahiliwood. Movies she has featured include Omega Confusion, The Return of Omega, Apple among others. She kick starts our Top 10 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses.

Mariam Ismail Actress

6. Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)

Jennifer Kyaka aka Odama is a Tanzanian actress, film writer and producer. One of Tanzania Bongo movies queen, she is as elegant as the occasion demands. She is one of the topnotch actresses in the Tanzanian movie industry playing marvelous roles in movies such as Pain Killer, Zebra, and Witchdoctor et al.

Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)

5. Ivon Cheryl (Monalisa)

Ivon Cheryl better known as Monalisa is a Tanzanian actress, producer, radio presenter, director and script writer. She’s one of the most popular actresses in Tanzania. Her astonishing looks and style is just lovable. She has won many awards like Best Actress in Tanzania, Best Actor 2010 at the Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2008 Queen of Bongo films, Best actress 2012 by Baabkubwa magazine, Best actress in Filamu Centrale among others.


Monalisa Ivon Cheryl

4 Irene Uwoya

When it comes to Tanzanian movies, this sexy queen is always on the A-list. This former contestant of the Miss Tanzanian beauty pageant has got some set of beautiful eyes. She has featured in over 20 Tanzanian Bongo movies. Movies she has featured in includes: Hazard, One Blood, Mid Night, Peace of Mind, Tanzanite, Kalunde na The Dream, among others.

Irene Uwoya

3. Shilole

Zena Muhammed better known as Shilole is a classy Tanzanian actress and singer. She has achieved significant fame in the Tanzanian Movie industry. Shilole is one Tanzanian lady who has perfectly blended acting and music making her exceptional in both the Tanzanian entertainment and movie scene.


2. Aunt Ezekiel

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Aunt Ezekiel is the daughter of famous Tanzania footballer Ezekiel Greyson. Despite all the scandals you must have heard and seen about her, this luscious Tanzanian actress is of great commercial value in the Tanzanian movie industry. She makes it to our Top 10 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses.

Aunt Ezekiel

1. Jacqueline Wolper

Jacqueline Wolpe is a Tanzanian film actress and director. She entered the Tanzania film industry in early 2007. This sassy sexy lady has quite a penchant for fashion. She has proved to be a resourceful actress in the Tanzanian movie industry featuring in over 20 Bongo Movies and films some of which are Taxi Driver, Princess, Surprise, Red Valentine na Family Tears among others. She won the Ijumaa Sexiest Girl in 2012.

Jacqueline Wolper


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