Top 7 Less Known Mobile Apps You Should Try Out

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Although they are not really known like other common apps. However, your experience of using them will make you realize that hype is nothing when it comes to quality.

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1. Choices (Interactive Game)

Also known as Choices: Stories You Play. This mobile game from Pixelberry has many ‘books’ you can play. In it, the choices you make matters, you get to choose your character’s sex, name, love interest, hair to start with. Depending on the book you choose, you can either play as a university student and make some amazing friends, or be the queen in a fantasy era Kingdom and stop a tyrant from taking over your kingdom, or you catch a hitman and deranged murderer in Los Angeles. While there are many books in choices, some of the most popular books include: The Crown and The Flame – Book 1, The Freshman Book 1 and Most Wanted.

2. QuizUp (Trivia)

QuizUp is a free, easy to use trivia game from Plain Vanilla. You can either to choose to play against friends or against random players from all over the world. QuizUp is also a social app with millions of users already. There are hundreds of categories to choose from, you can update your status and also engage with other players interested and passionate about the same topics you’re into. The Game: You can either play against a friend or random players, challenging them to a fast, real-time match as you earn your titles and climb the ranks.

3. 30 Day Fitness Challenge (Fitness)

If you want to get in shape and the gym is just not for you…this is the mobile app for you. With this app, you can workout at home anytime you want. It comes in different categories (full body, abs, butt, arms), each with different levels of difficulty. This allows you to move at your own pace and enjoy your workouts too. Consistency with this app promises amazing results. The app not only records your progress, it also reminds you to work out every day. It comes with video tutorial as well as the option of sharing your progress on social media.

4. (Video/Social) is currently one of the largest video/social platforms in the world. Its appeal lies in its creativity and the ease of use which allows the Musers ( + Users) create awesome videos and share with their friends. With, the muser creates 15-second videos to accompany sound clips from their favorite songs. To make the video more interesting, there are different speed options (slow, normal, fast, time lapse and epic) as well as filters and effects.

5. Tinder (Social/Dating)

Tinder was one of the first ‘swiping apps’ and it had a major impact on the online dating scene. This app, which connects matched users within the same area, is currently raking up an estimated one billion swipes a day. To use Tinder is actually simple, after setting up your profile (with the help of Facebook), you swipe right for a user you like, and swipe left to move on/pass. If two different users swipe right on each other’s photos – it’s a match.

6. Shazam (Music)

Since its release, Shazam has been downloaded over 1 billion times. It is currently the most popular music identifying app in the world. With a tap on the screen, it allows you identify whatever music is being played. The app also allows you to discover music other users are identifying. When it finds its match, it sends the song title, album and name of the artist back to user – it even recommends similar songs. Many top celebs like Adele and Demi Lovato also use this app.

7. InstaMessage (Social)

This app allows you (after you sign in with Instagram) to view and connect with fellow Instagram users in the vicinity. It promises private conversations with Instagram users whose photos catch your attention. You can also block users you have no interest in conversing with. It’s fun and one of the best ways to meet cool, new people in your vicinity.

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