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Top 7 Famous African Chefs

The furnaces are a real passion for them. Cooking, they have made it a business and they strive to sublimate the products of their different countries. The list is certainly longer, but here is our pick of six famous chefs in Africa.

1- Chef Loïc Dablé

The Franco-Ivorian leader is a former juror of the Pan-African culinary show “Star Chef”. His vision is to work with African products, but with techniques from elsewhere. And he walks to the feeling as he likes to say. Some of these recipes? Tabouleh of attiéké and poached quail eggs, yams stuffed with tomato sardines, olive oil with cocoa in a pipette.

Chef Loïc Dablé

2- Chef Godveil Malonga

His culinary style, called “Afro Fusion” , is a mixture of German, African and French cuisine. From Linzolo in the Republic of Congo where he was born, to France where he lives, through Germany his first country. ‘Welcome in Europe, the young man of 22 years is the fruit of a cultural and gastronomic mixing. After a short but remarkable passage in the famous show “Top chef” of the chain M6, the young chef cook originating in Congo Brazzaville pursues a fruitful career in the high spheres of the international gastronomy.

3- Chef Christelle Vougoh-Anet

She is not afraid to dare new flavors. At  the head of three of the most exclusive restaurants in the Ivorian capital, she has won the following awards: Best African Restaurant, Best Service,  and Restaurant of the Year at the Abidjan Restaurant Awards (with the Saakan Restaurant)! Her partner is her husband .


Chef Christelle Vougoh-Anet

4- Chef Christian Abegan

The chief of Cameroonian origin is a graduate of the “Cordon Bleu” school in Paris. Christian Abégan spent a long time practicing in Africa with hotel chains before becoming a consultant in Afro-Caribbean Cuisine. He has the merit of having several strings to his bow; He is at the same time Head of kitchen, hotel consultant, culinary consultant and the Art of the table and singer lyric.

Chef Christian Abegan

5- Chef Anto

Originally from Gabon, Anto is a young chef of cooking based in Paris. In 2016, she received the prestigious African women’s revelation of the year award in the gastronomy category. And that’s not all, we discovered it at Cop 22 in Marrakech. Indeed, she was chosen to prepare dinner gala africacop which brought together all the heads of É present state.

Chef Anto

6- Chief Omar

To well-born souls … this Moroccan chef is 11 years old. Even though he has not yet trained, he has become a youtube player despite his handicap (he is suffering from muscular disease). É read by Internet users Moroccans personality of the year 2017, the reputation of the little chef has crossed borders. He has already met with big names in the world, including French President Guillaume Gomez.

Chef Omar



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