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Top 7 African Foods That Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure- Include These In Your Diet

Research shows that it’s just as important to choose foods naturally low in sodium and high in at least two of the three power minerals: calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Add in these seven foods to your diet to cut your risk of stroke and heart attack.

1. White Beans

One cup of white beans provides 13% of the calcium, 30% of the magnesium, and 24% of the potassium you need every day.

Mix up this food with your side dishes, soups and snacks.

2. Dairy Products

Researchers have found a link between the consumption of low-fat dairy and a reduced risk of hypertension. This was seen most strongly with low-fat yoghurt and milk. Though calcium may play a role, it’s likely other components of dairy that protect, including compounds such as peptides, released during digestion also help. People who consume low-fat dairy also simply may have a healthier overall lifestyle.

3. Tilapia

A Tilapia a day keeps the doctors away. This wild fish provides 8% of the magnesium and 8% of the potassium you need every day.

And it can be found in markets around you.


4. Chocolate

TTop 7 foods that lower blood pressure

Rejoice you can enjoy healthy chocolates while lowering your blood sugar.

Consuming dark chocolate or cocoa products rich in flavanols was linked with some reduction in systolic or diastolic blood pressure among people with hypertension or pre-hypertension. Other research has shown that polyphenols (especially flavanols) in cocoa products are associated with the formation of nitric oxide, a substance that widens blood vessels and eases blood flow—and thereby lowers blood pressure.

5. Olive Oil

Spanish researchers have compared a diet of polyphenol-rich olive oil to a diet that didn’t contain any polyphenols and their effects on blood pressure over a period of four months. The results: The polyphenol-rich olive oil was linked with drops in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

6. Kiwi and Peaches

One kiwifruit provides 2% of the calcium, 7% of the magnesium, and 9% of the potassium you need every day.

One medium peach or nectarine provides 1% of the calcium, 3% of the magnesium, and 8% of the potassium you need every day.

7.  Bananas

eat a banana every day

One medium banana provides 1% of the calcium, 8% of the magnesium, and 12% of the potassium you need every day.

Bananas also help lower stress hormones in the blood.


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