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Top 6 Telenovela Couples Who Are Together In Real Life

These small screen stars who have had trouble keeping their fairy tales behind the cameras, have simply transposed them into real life, for the happiness of the fans that we are.

1- Angélique boyer and Sebastián Rulli (Teresa Chavez and Arturo de la Barrera in Teresa)

These two lovebirds have been in a couple since 2014.

Angélique boyer and Sebastián Rulli

2- Horacio pancheri and paulina goto  ( Luisa Fernanda Pere and Carlos Gómez-Ruiz  in the path of destiny)

Horacio pancheri and paulina goto got together just after filming the Chemin du Destin.

Horacio pancheri and paulina Goto

3- Jencarlos Canela and Gaby Espino  (Ángel Salvador and Manuela Dávila in El Diablo)


These two actors were married from 2011 to 2014.

Jencarlos Canela and Gaby Espino

4- Miguel Varoni and Catherine Siachoque

Catherine Siachoque has been married to Miguel Varoni since 1997.

Miguel Varoni and Catherine Siachoque

5- Sonia Smith and Gabriel Porras  (Danna Altamira and Mariano Altamira in Portee disparue)

Sonia Smith and Gabriel Porras

6- Aarón Díaz and Lola Ponce  (Antonio Negrete and lucrecia Negrete in El Talisman  )

The Mexican actor Aarón Díaz married his beautiful 2015.

Aarón Díaz and Lola Ponce


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