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Top 6 Richest Women in Africa 2017

Angola’s Isabel Dos Santos and Nigeria’s Folorunsho Alakija are the only two women to have made 2017 Forbes magazine rich list. But, we take a look at the top 6 richest women in Africa.


1. Isabel dos Santos – Net worth: 3.2 billion dollars

Isabel dos Santos is presently considered the richest woman in Africa. She is the daughter of the president of Angola, who has been ruling the country since 1979. Isabel has become rich due to her investment activity. At the moment, Isabel dos Santos is the richest black woman on the planet.

2. Folorunsho Alakija – Net worth: 1.63 billion dollars

Folorunsho Alakija is the first billionaire Nigerian woman. The primary sources of her wealth are model, printing, and oil businesses. Her business activity started in the 1970s when Folorunsho Alakija began her fashion studies in London.

When she returned to Nigeria, she “Supreme Stitches” agency. Nigerian women of high society became her primary clients. Later she founded Famfa Oil Limited.


3. Hajia Bola Shagaya – Net worth: 630 million dollars

Hajia Bola Shagaya is from Nigeria. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. She owns a conglomerate with holdings in real estate, banking, oil, photography, and communications companies. She has many real estate objects in the United States and Europe.

4. Mama Ngina Kenyatta – Net worth: 515 million dollars


Mama Ngina Kenyatta is a mother of the fourth President of Kenya as well as the former First Lady in the country, being a wife of the 1st President. That is why her family is supposed to be one of the wealthiest on the continent. She has succeeded in safeguarding and multiplying her husband investments. Nowadays this huge Empire consists of different sectors: hotel business, education, banking and farming, real property assets. Such companies as Heritage and Brookside Dairies, also Commercial Bank of Africa now are assembling the biggest money flow for her family.

5. Wendy Appelbaum – Net worth: 310 million dollars

There are two types of rich people. Those, who are supposed to be self-made, financially independent people and those, who inherited their wealth. Wendy Appelbaum is the only daughter of Donald Gordon, tycoon from South Africa. Previously she was a shareholder in one of her father’s foundation, but she managed to sell the assets in order to be cash rich. She is the owner and chair of De Morgenzon Wine Estate in Stellenbosch and she’s also one of Africa’s most active philanthropists, having donated over US$23 million.

6. Bridgette Radebe Net worth: 145 million dollars

Bridgette Radebe is a founder of the biggest mining companies in South Africa titled “Mmakau Mining.” Presently, she is the head of the South African Mining Development Association. Her business deals with coal, uranium, gold, and platinum.


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