Top 6 Most Prestigious Presidential Palaces In Africa 2017 – Mauritania makes the new list.

A presidential palace must not be the least. It demonstrates the strength of the country, but also, in some cases, the power or wealth of the ruling man. In Africa, the presidential palaces are reputed to be very beautiful. Studies on presidential palaces in Africa have attracted a large number of researchers.

We present you the 6 most beautiful presidential palaces in Africa.

  6- Mauritania

You are certainly surprised, but for those who have already visited Mauritania, this is not surprising. The presidential palace Mauritania is very beautiful, it is ranked 6th of this ranking.

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    5- Madagascar

Although it is one of the poorest countries in Africa, it has the 5th most beautiful presidential palace on the continent. The Malagasy presidential palace puts everyone in agreement even beyond the borders.

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–  Egypt

Egypt has the 4th most beautiful presidential palace and it is obvious to several people since the country is one of the most powerful, economically, on the continent.

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3- Ghana

A very impressive architecture! The presidential palace of Ghana is ranked 3rd at the continental level. Nana Akoufo Ado is very well housed.


2- Namibia

Namibia gained its independence only in 1990 but, the country hosts a presidential palace of world standard. Beautiful and very large, it occupies the 2nd most presidential palace of the continent.

w704 (1)


1- South Africa

This is obvious because South Africa is one of the most powerful economies on the continent. Its presidential palace is at the top of the most beautiful in Africa.



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