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Top 6 Most Popular Radio Hosts In Cote d’Ivoire

Abidjan and elsewhere in Côte d’Ivoire, these entertainers manage to entertain and distill the good humor to listeners of all ages.

1- Konnie Toure

Touré Koaniman, better known as Konnie Toure, is one of the reliable values ​​of the communication world in Côte d’Ivoire. A bilingual training secretary, konnie toure began her career as an animator at CIty fm before experiencing a dazzling success at Radio Nostalgie, where she worked for over 14 years. Determined to challenge again, Konnie Toure resigned from Radio Nostalgie for the position of program director at Vibe radio (a very young radio). Animator of the TV and web programs,  One breaks ,  Africa Star and Be My Guest , Konnie is also director of the agency of communication and audivisual  “KonnieVence” . Just with her voice, the young thirty-year-old comes to share “Good Vibe” with the listeners.

Konnie Toure

2- Yves Zogbo Junior

Yves Zogbo Junior at the Civil  Registry Yves Zogbo Junior Louis Noël began his career as an animator at the “Radio Sud 102” (Paris) before moving to Côte d’Ivoire. On his return home, Yves Zogbo Junoir’s career took a whole new turn when he joined the Ivorian Television Broadcasting (RTI). Together with prominent entertainers such as Laurent Roger Fulgence Kassy, ​​Yves Zogbo has enjoyed enormous success. Master of ceremony in all the major events of the capital Ivoirenne, Yves Zogbo junior co-hosted with Konnie Touré the show Étoile Afriqueand the opening ceremony of the VIIIth Jeux de la Francophonie. He also runs the program “Chika Chika Boom” on radio Nostalgie. For his excellent work in the field of communication, he was decorated officers in the national order.

Yves Zogbo Junior

3- Cheick Yvanne


Cheick Yvanne Fofane is currently one of the best radio presenters in Côte d’Ivoire and is currently Director General and Director of Programs for Nostalgia Côte d’Ivoire. In 2006, Cheick Yvanne returned to the history of Ivorian communication by being the youngest to win the award for best radio journalist of Côte d’Ivoire during the evening of the “Ebony”. Five years later, Cheick Yvanne handed the cover and won a second Ebony trophy for the best radio journalist from Côte d’Ivoire.

In addition to his work as an animator, Cheick Yvanne is also a writer, founder of the audiovisual production and production company Yvhanesk (Rys), editor and co-owner of the magazine “Le Grand Mag. in the design of the editorial content of the New Ivory Coast (NCI) which is due to issue in 2018.

Cheick Yvanne

4- Eric Didia 

Eric Didia dit roro or  Robert Lévy-Provençal  is one of the emblematic leaders of Côte d’Ivoire. Animator star of Happy People and,After Work is appreciated by Ivorian Internet users because of its sweet voice and its oratorical talent. The suave singer of “Kibibi” is also known for his taste of luxury. He has worked at Nostalgia C O Ivory Coast and Ivory Fm.

Eric Didia (Roro)

5- Mike Condom

Mike Condom Vital Mickael Okou Opokou is the General Director of Radio of Young African Modern (Jam) . Known as the creator of the “Ah Gbo” replica, Mike Condom is the host of the morning show 6/10. In fact, Mike Condom is one of the most entertaining animatorsohthe middle ones.

Mike Condom, Mickael Ojou Opokou

6- Brice Anoh                  

Co-host of 6/9 shows and Vibe night Show with Konnie Touré and Bri, Brice Anoh is in the very select list of the most beloved animators of Côte D’Ivoire. His sense of humor and his undisputed talent for animation have helped make Vibe Radio one of the most popular radio stations for young audiences. The one whom the listeners affectionately call Uncle Bri is enough to snatch you from a laugh.       

Brice Anoh


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