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Top 6 Countries With The Highest Rate Of Crimes And Corruptions! Nigeria at #2, Another African country tops the list!!

Crime can be defined as the breakage of rules and regulations imposed by any government in a country for which the existing government can punish the criminals. It is not only into some specific countries but it is at every place, in every nation either on a minor number or at high rate. in 2014 USA tops the list with number of crimes each year then it comes U.K. Please note that this statistics list is prepared according to highest rate of crime.(not with respect to population of each country)

The crimes can be classified into big lists, but majorly can be the following:

On the basis of offense (Seriousness) conflict management

Offense against an individual
Murder (Homicide)
Sexual Assault
Criminal negligence
False imprisonment
Bad Politics

6. Afghanistan

Terrorism/ crimes against state, kidnapping, corruption, money laundering & most notable one drug trafficking are the existent in the Central Asian country bordering Pakistan & Iran. The country is the gigantic source of opium & produces nearly 90% of the crop to export to the consumers all over the world. Militancy/ Talbanization & corruption are the other majorly happening crimes in the country. The capital punishment has so far failed to control the sinister.

5. Trinidad & Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, a country bordering Venezuela (South America) in the Caribbean also sharing its territorial lines with the Guyana & Barbados. The country with an area of 5,128 Sq. Km mainly has two islands i.e. Trinidad & Tobago with nine regions, Sangre Grande being the largest one. The Former Spanish colony is full of Gang Murderers, target killers, & paid assassins at it’s every nook & corner. Year 2008 comprised 529 murders in the country. Drug Mafias have also been widely active in the country adding to its crime indexes. Kidnappings, robbery & assaults are among the other dramatically increased crimes.


4. Guatemala

The Central American country bordering Mexico, El Salvador & Honduras country is pretty rich in poverty & crimes. Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion is the capital of the country. The Mayan successors have some alarming crime figures. The year 2009 recorded a minimum of 25 homicides per week capital city only. Civil unrest has remained the mothers of all the crimes breeding murders, robbery, human trafficking, arms smuggling and drug trading.

3. Maldive

Republic of Maldives is a South-Asian island country having a chain of numerous islands. Bribery, fraud, and drug consumption & abuse are among the most significant crimes. Theft & homicide has also found increasingly in numbers.

2. Nigeria

The 36 states West African territory has nearly the same number in crimes also. The Federal Nigerian Republic borders with Niger, Chad & Cameroon. The crimes can be categorized into several sub-categories and so. “Boko Haram” can justifiably be enough to share its richness in crime. Corruption, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing, civil crimes, (robbery, assault, fraud, extortion, mugging, kidnapping etc), drug (Heroin, cocaine) shipping, last but not least terrorism activities are among the major ones. The most populous country in Africa & 7th Populous in the world also has the largest GDP in African continent sharing a worth of $500 Billions. The rich petroleum reserves & natural resources couldn’t save the country falling into the dark pitches of crime.

1. South Africa

Criminal activities can be only second to HIV in the RSA. Poverty & unemployment are among the key reasons to the crimes shaping up in the society. Murder is regarded as the most committed crime in the country with 50 people as daily, bank & credit frauds, rape & vehicle hijacking are some of the most happening felonies in the country.


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