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Top 6 Of The Best Designers In Benin

New clothing trends emerging in Africa thanks to the contribution of top designers who have at heart to modernize traditional local outfits . Also do we see pretty patterns sewn based super trendy fabrics. We list for you some great couturiers Beninese who will be happy to dress.

Amoussou Charlemagne Andoche real name, the Fashion-manager, promoter of the brand Lolo Andoche since 1993 is one of the greatest couturiers of Benin in sight. The ready to wear Lolo Andoche offer of pre-made.

The idea is to allow those who wish to just go in one of the outlets to choose their model, size and a few minutes after the round is joué.La brand Lolo Andoche, has a reputation that exceeds the borders of Africa.

Maureen Ayité is a Beninese born in France, creator of the brand NANAWAX. NANAWAX the brand began in 2012 with private sales in places like Paris, New York, Montreal, Barbados and London. Love for African fabrics gave the owner some innovative ideas as correspondences between African fabrics with European styles. From clothing to accessories and decorative items.

NANAWAX is also defined by its social and economic involvement in Benin Republic. Indeed, all tissues are African fabrics and 5% of NANAWAX profits are given to charitable organizations in Benin (especially orphanages).


Oslo Nassi is undoubtedly a great stylist Benin. By bartering his business with the styling for which it feeds a crazy passion, the young consultant commerce trainer and Marketing intends to fill the desire and expectations of thousands of customers in Benin, Africa and elsewhere in the world by its models that s ‘freed conformism and ¨ Deja Vu.

Ok Fashion cleverly mixing African colors to give you a beautiful look!

His real name Affogbolo Shade is a young woman graduate in journalism, is also a talented stylist who created the brand with her mom Prints Nash in 2013.

They are from Benin and wish to African fashion to date, mixing tradition and modernity. They use cloths to make them crisp and urban outfits.

His real name Hyacinthe Edme K.Lalèyè, it captures attention with its creator name and holds a fashion boutique to Cadjèhoun-Cotonou, stylist, designer of international renown.

He inherited the creation of his parents and had embarked on the adventure from the 3rd class. He made textile high school, fashion design and model in Ankara, Turkey.

His real name Sonia Damala stylist Beninese fashion . After major studies, it is now the way of fashion. A passion at the start, which is needed now as occupation in itself for it.

It was in 2013 the consecration of his efforts at the International Festival of African Fashion (FIMA), with the first prize dedicated to young designers.



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