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Top 5 Most Vicious Terrorist Groups In The World (2016)

For years on end, the world has been terrorized by evil organization, causing unending pain and suffering to nations and continents.

These vicious monsters, with an insatiable thirst for human blood, have gone in the name of religion and what not, killed millions, rendering billions homeless and without families and not giving a hoot as to what happens afterwards.

There tactics include genocide, air raids amongst several other Technics, that till this very moment instills fear and uncertainty in the hearts of many whenever the thought crops up. Out of the many terrorist groups rendering havoc in several ill-fated areas of the world here are the top 5 most vicious of them all.




This deadly group was founded by late Osama Bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam and other militants. Al-Qaeda, which is a part of Wahhabi organization, has their main goal to be ability tounite Muslims across the world in global jihad and in accordance to a strict interpretation of the Sharia law. Their first ever attack happened  On December 29, 1992, in Aden, Yemen, known as the 1992 Yemen Hotel Bombings. They were also said to have had a hand in the September 11 attacks, the 1998 US embassy bombings and the 2002 Bali bombings.

Even as the death of their leader Osama Bin Laden, caused some setbacks to the group, they remain the deadliest on the planet. Their custom way of carrying out their deadly attacks is by making use of suicide bombers. They have also been credited to being the instigators of sectarian violence amongst Muslims. Some of their sectarian attacks include; Yazidi community bombings, the Sadr City bombing, the Ashoura massacre and the April 2007 Baghdad bombings. They are also the ones behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Al-Qaeda group, is known to be extremely rich as they boast of several aircraft including Boeing 727s and executive jets.



The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, ISIS ) is a Sunni jihadist group based in the Middle-East. They are said to have about 80,000 fighters in its ranks in Iraq and Syria together, with their main aim being the ability to create a Sunni Islamic State. They have major stronghold in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, etc.  ISIS, in the last couple of years have grown outrageously and have caused unimaginable havoc upon humans not minding if they were kids or adults. Their ways of carrying out execution as being describes as brutally inhuman employing several technics in killing which includes, open firing, beheading. At least four cases of mass killings by ISIL terrorists have been documented, to include the execution of  250 Syrian troops after the group captured the al-Tabqa air base.

They are also known to be rich as a Treasury Department study that assessed ISIL’s crude oil revenue said its at a value of $1 million per day.



Boko Haram, is a militant Islamist group in Nigeria, said to be receiving massive funding from Al-Qaeda but as at March this year, declared their allegiance with ISIS. Since their creation, they have been outspoken about their huge intolerance towards western education. In 2011 , they employed a suicide bomber to bomb police biuildings and the United Nations Office in Abuja, and has not looked back since then. They gained world recognition when they abducted 200 Chibok girls. According to reports, this deadly militant group is said to boast of a 5000-civilians kill number between 2009 and 2014. Since their creation in 2002, they have gone on to kill and displace millions in and around Nigeria. August 2016, its leader, Abubakar Shekau, was replaced with a new leader in the person of Abu Musab al-Barnawi.


The terrorist group, Taliban, are known for their involvement in illicit activities, which ranges from drug trafficking to human trafficking, extortion,etc. This pays off for them as they reportedly can boast of an annual revenue of almost $400 million. Since its creation in 1994 by Mohammed Omar in Afghanistan, they have carried out several brutal attacks on millions. The memorable September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York was carried out by the Taliban.Thy are also allegedly the ones behind most atrocious human rights violations (ranging from ethnic cleansing, raping women, etc) in Afghanistan . They are no doubt one of the most vicious terrorist group in the world presently.



Literary translated to mean ‘Army of Good’, the Lashkar R-Toiba, is one of the most powerful and active terrorist groups in South Asia and the world today.

They were behind the  Mumbai attacks on the 26th of November, 2008 and also the deaths of numerous civilians which left the nation scarred till date. They have been alleged to be linked to Pakistan’s secret service of Pakistan, a claim the Pakistani government has come out to deny. Lashkare E-Toiba, was behind the 2001 attack on the Parliament of India. Their main objective is the introduction of an Islamist state in South Asia, also vowing to liberate Muslims residing in Indian Kashmir.

Among their several tactics, is the use kids aged 13-14, from impoverished parts of the society to spread their terror activities. Among their notable bloodshed are the bombings in Delhi (2005), bombings in Varanasi (2006), the Mumbai train bombings (2006) and many more.  Recently, Saudi Arabia, was alleged to be the one sponsoring the group.


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