Top 5 Tips for Surviving Harmattan in Africa

We’re at that time of the year again when lips start cracking; people get thirsty easily and dust is flying everywhere. It’s the harmattan (otherwise known as a dry season).

Though we are still begging the harmattan to come in Lagos, other parts of Nigeria (especially the northern parts) are already experiencing the weather.  No matter the part of the country you are, here are a few tips to help you through this period.

  1. Drink plenty of Water. It’s normal to become dehydrated and get thirsty very easily at this time, so avoid carbonated drinks at and juices but rather drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day as this will help keep your whole body system working properly.

  2. Sleep in warm clothing. The weather is usually really bright and hot in the afternoon but could get very cold at night. To be on the safer side, put on warm clothing when going to bed at night.

  3. Take a lot of vitamin c. This will help to reduce the likelihood of you contracting the flu otherwise known as catarrh. As there are dust and cold everywhere, taking vitamins generally will help combat the negative effects they could have on the body.

  4. Lip balm and moisturizers. Always have a lip balm and moisturizer in your bag, pocket or somewhere easily accessible. Apply the balm on your lip and the moisturizer on the skin when any of them are starting to get dry.

  5. Be careful with fire. Avoid burning indiscriminately and if you have to burn anything, make sure it is attended and well monitored. Most fire accidents happen in this season because everywhere is dry and the fire can travel easily without restrictions.

Written by Iyebiye Olawuyi


Written by How Africa

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