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Top 5 Struggles Every Firstborn Child Can Totally Relate To

The only thing being a first born child does to you is stress and test you.

testing lord

Every first born child knows and understands this so much. The one cool thing about being a first born is the fact you pick things first, make rules that are supposed to be kept and you’re like the voice of the children in some cases.

Except that, it’s a headache and wahala from one place to another.

Here are a few experiences every firstborn goes through:

1. When you can’t do things the way you want because your parents have said countless times that you’re supposed to be a role model.


2. When your sibling makes a mistake but you’re the one that gets blamed still.

cant handle meme


3. When you have to babysit and cancel plans because you have siblings of course.

meme hurt

4. First born child = Deputy Parent


5. When they get extra helpings of ice cream but you can’t because you’re becoming too old for things like that

wow eyered


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