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Top 5 ‘Revolts Of The Black’ No Teacher Will Ever Teach You In School


The memory is sometimes selective. And we learned from history that what suits us: the victories of some, the losses of others … To recall the struggle of blacks against the Arab and European oppressors, the site has listed fifteen Atlantablackstar revolts which schoolchildren n ‘never hear about in school. Only, unfortunately, the only dournies data are based on those that can be found on-line encyclopedias, without putting into perspective. Thank you Wikipedia.

1 – The rebellion of the Zanj

Black slaves revolted against the Arab slave (869-883)

The rebellion of the Zanj is a revolt of black slaves against the power of the Abbasids, between 869 and 883, in the south of Iraq, in the Basra region. The revolt took a large extent, before being crushed in 883 by al-Muwaffaq vizier.


The Zandj or Zinj were from East Africa. They were traded as slaves by Arabs and were forced to work in the salt mines south of modern Iraq.

2 – The revolution of Stono

The uprising of black slaves South carolina (1739)

On 6 September 1739 a slave revolt broke out in the South Carolina colony. The toll was heavy: nearly 60 killed slaves.


With this latest battle, some slaves were able to escape. The Stono Rebellion is often regarded as the largest slave revolt in British colonies before the American Revolution.


3 – Wrath of the Maroons

Battle between Jamaican slaves and the British (1739)

“Maroons” Jamaicans were the first African slaves to wrest their freedom to European masters. A latent conflict lasted for decades: fights often broke out between the British and the Maroons.


4 – Haiti revolt


Dutty Boukman, the Jamaican slave, is sold to a French slaver in Haiti. Educated, the man managed to organize a revolt that will ultimately because of British and French soldiers. During the war, which marked the country to become the first black independent country in 1804, 100,000 French and British soldiers were killed.

Uprising led by a slave in Virginia (1831)

The rebellion of Nat Turner

The rebellion of Nat Turner, called the Southampton insurrection, is probably the most famous slave revolt in North America. The revolt was planned by a slave, Nathaniel Turner (said Nat Turner), in August of the year 1831, Southampton, Virginia. This very bloody revolt leads to hardening of the vis-à-vis the laws of black slaves in the southern states.


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