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Top 5 Most Unusual African Contests


Competitions, we have seen several but some leave us speechless in Africa. The funny thing is that there are real organizing committees behind but also participants who hope (seriously) to win them. Here is a small selection just for you.

1- Miss Vierge Competition

This contest was first launched in Togo before winning Gabon. Needless to explain the principle; Each year, several young girls participate. Obviously a virginity test is the prerequisite for this competition initiated by the Association of Women Missionaries for Christ (AFMC) and the Wise Women for Christ (FSC).

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2- Contest of the most ugly man

Every year, Zimbabwe rewards the most ugly man in a contest !!! The title holder for 3 years – William Masvinu – was dethroned by 42-year-old Mison Sere because of his toothless smile and his many grotesque facial expressions. Eh beh!

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3- Koutoukou Competition


There we are in Ivory Coast – Yopougon. The competition takes place in December. Whoever succeeded in swallowing the greatest quantity of this traditional alcohol in 30 minutes is declared the winner. The 1st  wins 25,000 FCFA, and the 2 dolphins each earn 5000F CFA. Participants often end up in hospitals.


4- Miss Bim Bim Coucours

This competition originated in Burkina Faso rewards women with a prominent posterior. The organizers felt that this valorizes the physical assets of the woman. The government does not agree with that. Result: the contest was simply canceled. So much for the Eudoxie Yao Burkinabè!


5- Miss G’ay Competition

Yes, homosexuals have not said their last word. In Côte d’Ivoire, there is an association that groups this minority. And every year they organize their selection.



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