Top 5 Kenyan Dishes You Should Try Out….Doesn’t Matter Whether You Are African Or Not

Regardless of the fact that the country is renowned for producing top quality coffee, some of it’s dishes are also world class. Check out these top five delicious Kenyan dishes.

5. Matoke

This thick and delicious food made of plantains, chilies, onions and garlic is sure to fill you up, especially since its often eaten with ugali. Although it originated in Uganda, it has grown to widespread popularity in Kenya.

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4. Chapati

Chapati (cyclonebill / Wikimedia commons)

Inherited from the Indo-Portuguese visitors to Kenya’s shores, chapati is a flat bread often made of wheat flour, usually mixed with butter/margarine, salt or other seasonings to taste. Fried on special customized pans, chapati are a common side dish to many stews and are generally consumed at any time of day as a snack on their own or alongside a hot cup of Kenyan tea (chai).


3. Mutura


2. Ugali

Ugali (Paresh Jai / Wikimedia Commons)

Ugali is made by boiling maize flour in water to a thickened consistency capable of being rolled into a circular lump, pressing an indentation into it, and using it to scoop meat or dip into stews. This inexpensive meal is also one of the most common staple meals across Southern Africa, going by ‘pap’, ‘sima’, ‘posho’ and other regional names.

1. Pilau

Pilau (Alpha alvxyz / Flickr)

Popping up around the world, pilau (known in some places as pilaf) is a rice based dish known for being a spicy delight. Made by cooking rice with spices such as turmeric, meat, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, pilau is easy to personalize. With the option of including cashew nuts, raisins or sultanas, chilies, cinnamon and so on, this easy to make dish is easily found in many restaurants throughout Kenya.

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