Top 5 Friends You Should Not Entertain In Your Life (2, 3 & 5 may be compulsory!)

Friendships in life, even though needed , can sometime turn sour  especially when you have yourself surrounded by the very friends who always make you hit your head against the wall.

As the year progresses, you may want to familiarize yourself with the very friends you need to run away from so as you save yourself from the hurts and disappointments associated with having them in the first place.

1. Leeches

As the name supposes, leeches are the very creatures feared for their avid thirst for human blood. These worm-looking creatures stick so tight to the human skin sucking all the amount of blood they would ever need to survive. A section of friends also falls within this segment. Some just come into your life with the main aim of taking away everything you so desire – your dreams, goals, ego, personal belongings and possessions…life opportunities. These friends have the best way(s) of doing such a thing especially through mind games and self possession. It’s best you keep yourself off such persons.

2. Alligators

Alligators have been noted through human history as the creatures who are best capable of changing their skin colour and temperature to fit their environment. The alligator kind of friends are the very ones who are at best with pretenses. They mean the opposite of everything they promise or wish for you. These are the kind of friends fond of constantly  apologizing for hurting your feelings. The best knowledge you need to know is that such friends will forever apologize for doing wrong until they achieve their coy plots.


3. Dark Critics

Dark critics are the very friends who criticize you for even the good things you do for them. They never want to see you progress and are always insistence on you staying just where you are in life. If you have such friends you would find out they are often fond of sharing fond views of the past without accepting the challenges of the future. Such friends would never make you progress in life. They fear decisions meant for the future or better still the huge steps you make in your career, relationship or marriage life.

4. Red-Riding Hoods

The red-riding hoods are the friends who ALWAYS carry danger along with them. They do not only carry danger along with them, they also often land you in the deepest of trouble. Ever thought of that very friend who ALWAYS make you indulge in the gruesomest actions as indulging in drugs, engaging in ransom sexual activities or even stealing just everything you find your way? These friends,you should know are just like hard drugs…the more you engage with them, the more you get addicted. You would have to wean yourself of them as soon as possible.

5. Betrayers

When we talk of betrayers, we talk of the very friends who don’t mind selling you up for their benefit – even if it could mean you losing your job, relationship or even life. Simply put, if you do have friends as betrayers, you are bound to playing the cards of that very friend. They possess you like a fetish and it would only take your personal decision to break that bond.


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