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Top 5 Famous Afro-American Celebrities With Naturally Light Coloured Eyes 

The color of your eyes plays the most important role in depicting your overall personality. Eyes are the window to your soul thus they show who you are and what you feel. The majority of us humans have eyes with dark iris but some lucky ones have light colored eyes that overall change their personality and give them a unique look. It is more considered as the symbol of beauty and there are many myths related to people with light colored eyes. Our very own Black celebrities are not far behind and God has also gifted them some pretty light colored eyes that have enhanced their personality in and out of the entertainment world. We have chosen 5 best Black celebrities with colored eyes, so let’s see what we have for you on the list:

  1. Rihanna:

The gorgeous beauty Robyn Rihanna Fenty is an African/American singer and rapper who was born in Parish in Barbados. Rihanna is one of a kind and bold personality that has done a lot of hard work to reach the heights of success. This amazing artist has green sultry eyes which make her even more beautiful. Lucky she is to have such beautiful eyes which people usually rave to have.

  1. Vanessa Williams:

New York born Vanessa Williams is a great African/American singer, actress and fashion designer. She gained praise and popularity as the first Black American to be crowned Miss. America in 1984. Williams is a beauty with not just ordinary eyes but has light colored irises that make her even more beautiful. She has deep blue eyes which millions of people simply wish to have.

  1. Tyra Banks:

Born in California, United States, Tyra Banks is an American TV personality, supermodel, actress, producer, businesswoman, singer and an author. Banks is a multi-talented artist who has done quite a lot in life that has made her recognized in the whole world. Tyra has naturally green eyes that just woo the people around her and the ones who simply love her.


  1. Michael Ealy:

Michael Ealy is known for his deep personality and sultry looks. He is an African/American Hollywood actor who geared up his career with his amazing character in the movie “Barbershop”. Ealy has mesmerizing blue eyes that are just too irresistible to look at.

  1. Jesse Williams:

Jesse Williams is a famous African/American model, actor and activist and is best known for his role as Dr. Jackson on ABC TV. Williams is a guy who flaunts his beautiful light colored eyes among his fans. Jesse has gorgeous deep sultry blue eyes.


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  1. What about the blue eyes of. Willy Monfret, Jeremy Meeks, Ronnie Cash, Robert Ri`chard, The Hodge Twin, Wentworth Miller, fitness model Shawn Newman, Louis Allen 111. That older singer Smokey Robinson has Beautiful grey- green eyes, with gold specs right around his pupils ??????

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