Top 5 Families That Dominate Martinique Right Now!!

Békés from large families and entrepreneurs lines, often rooted in supermarkets, they grow the family legacy.

1 Bernard Hayot, Emperor of supermarkets. The family of this brilliant entrepreneur settled on the island of flowers in the seventeenth century. Since it imposes its brands throughout the Caribbean. In Martinique, the group owns the Carrefour stores, Mr Bricolage and Renault, or 1600 employees and 400 million euros of turnover. Member of the board of the University of the Antilles and Guyana, Bernard Hayot this year launched a university degree radius manager. The contractor still thrives in rum, with Habitation Clement and the activities of the foundation of the same name. In 2011, she exhibited twenty-two Caribbean artists at the Orangerie of the Senate in Paris. At 76, Bernard Hayot can count on his son to take over: Rudolph is general manager of the automotive industry, and Stephan, head of retail.

2 Yann Monplaisir, the pro diversification. The Monplaisir family came from St. Lucia, has been built as and interbreeding. Yann Monplaisir, CEO of the family group since February 2011, is responsible for the environment (waste collection and treatment) and tourism (Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek and to the four-star business The Batelière). Good speaker, this Essec 59 years and was regional councilor and ensures “holding representative”. Within the Monplaisir Group, his brothers Donald and Ralph are involved in the real estate sector and the La Trinité pipeline, while his four son, aged 24 to 30 years, running small companies. In total, the group recorded € 60 million in revenue and brings together 1200 employees.

3-Huygues Alain Despointes the béké archidiscret. Since a report produced by Canal + in 2009 and trial for “apology for slavery” that followed its release, Alain Huygues-Despointes, 84, refuses to answer ‘questions. The fact remains that the food giant and his son Laurent, békés from families in northern France arrived on the island in the seventeenth century, are the best employers (600 employees). Their activity? Food group production and distribution of ice (Soproglaces), yoghurts and soft drinks.

4 Nathalie Clerc, the heiress of the water. The young woman slowly immersed in the affairs of the family business, which is expected to eventually take the reins. His grandfather, Maurice, created the Chanflor waters at the foot of Mount Pelee. His father, Bertrand Clerc is still manager of the Company Martinique spring waters, which produces and distributes water (10 million bottles per year), soft drinks and fruit juices. The company of Morne-Rouge recently diversified its activity in the crackers with the brand Hummingbird Chips.

And also

Helen and Catherine Ho Hio Hen, the patron of the automobile. They are the heirs of a family of grocers Cantonese arrival on the island in the 30s and Catherine Helen Ho Hio Hen, the two sisters, now in their forties, took over the general management of the branch parts marketing automotive spare Ho Hio Hen Group. In Martinique, they manage stores and 6 140 employees. Their cousin, Christine, is responsible for food distribution part, the Géant Casino of the island.

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