Top 5 Dangerous Insects

Millions of species of bugs exist in the world playing a pivotal role in our ecosystem. Whether you believe it or not, for each one of us, there are 1.5 billion bugs. Often bugs are seen as prey animals; from birds to spiders to even humans eat them. But among these some are Nature’s most perfect killers. They are extremely frightening and you would want them to avoid at all costs. They are not necessarily the most prolifically deadly animal on earth, yet they hold their fair share of the unfortunate demise.

1. Anopheles Mosquito

Anopheles Mosquito

At the first position of extremely dangerous insects we have Anopheles Mosquitoes which are one of those a terrible irritant and feed on blood. The mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant and unattended water sources. Millions of mosquitoes can hatch from just a single source. However the real threat the mosquitoes pose are the blood-borne diseases that they carry. Most dangerous notorious of all is the Malaria. Every year hundreds and millions of people die because of malaria. In fact the death caused by malaria will outnumber all of the death caused by putting all of the insects together.

2. Siafu (African Ants)Dorylus

Siafu - African Ants - Dorylus

Everyone knows that ants are industrious, yet these Siafu ants are special. Their single colony of 20 million ants can easily ravage African countryside, literally destroying anything that comes their way. When there is a food shortage, the whole colony marches out, be whatever comes their way, to acquire food. These ants can easily be avoided, yet each year 20 to 50 people die. Most of the times very young and elderly find themselves as the victims of asphyxiation. They are also behind damage worth thousands of dollars of food each year.


3. Fire Ants

fire ant rafts

At the 5th position of extremely dangerous insects we have Fire ants that build large mounds and feed on plant leaves. They occasionally feed on crickets and small insects. But is they are bothered, they don’t hesitate to sting. The sting of fire ants is venomous prick and it feels like burning with fire. This is how they have got their name as Fire Ants. Few small stings can easily and quickly treated and cured. However when the swarm of ants attacks, it could be the beginning of the real trouble. Each year 150 deaths are reported and millions of dollars are lost due to crop damage making these ants fearsome.

4. TseTse


This insect is the carrier of the deadly sleeping sickness. It feeds on the blood of vertebrates and this is how it spreads trypanosomiases disease in humans. The death toll in Africa is alarming because of their biting. Every year 250 to 300 thousands victims are reported each year.

5. Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Their numbers have increased over the years. They actually pose no threat to humans since they have no intent to do so. More so ever even if they sting, they die after the deed is done. Many people world over are allergic towards their sting. And many of them experience death due to anaphylactic shock. However unlike standard bees, these bees attack victims in swarm with slightest provocation. Each the death toll is reported in thousands.


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