Top 5 Common Silent Killers You Must Know About

Many diseases don’t show symptoms until the condition of the disease passes to advanced levels which makes the curing process complicated and time consuming with low chance of success, these diseases are categorized as “silent killers” as they can literally live in your body and you don’t know,

They are characterized by subtle symptoms that often go undetected or unnoticed. If too much time passes without treating the disease, it may cause serious complications or sometimes death. Chances are high that people may be living with such dangerous diseases without knowing it. Hence, it’s very important to spread awareness about these diseases.

Hence being aware of any symptoms and your tendency to develop any of those diseases are important, also, you should have regular medical checkups with your doctor, so that unexplained or vague symptoms can be diagnosed early and possibly save your life

Silent killer disease are many but below are the most common five.

Coronary Artery Disease: Coronary artery disease happens when too much plaque build up around the walls of your arteries which narrows them overtime reducing the blood flow to the body organs which can cause a sudden blockage in the blood flow, it can also cause the heart muscle to get weakened, which leads to heart failure, you are at a higher risk of Coronary artery disease if you are obese, having uncontrolled high blood pressure, having family history of heart diseases or smoking excessively and lacking physical activities.

Fatty Liver Disease: As the name suggests, fatty liver disease is a condition where the liver is unable to get rid of the fat which causes it to build up on the liver tissue over time. There are two types of fatty liver diseases, alcoholic fatty liver disease which is cause by excessive consumption of alcohol and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which is not known yet why it develops.

Colon Cancer: Colon cancer is a very common cancer that don’t show symptoms untill it gets critical, it is the third most common type of cancer and it takes time to develop, it usually starts as a small lump or growth called polyp which in most cases not cancerous, however if left untreated for long time it can turn into cancerous tumors.

Non Melanoma Skin Cancer: Skin cancer develops slowly in the upper layer of the skin as a result of over exposure to sunlight or tanning beds, it usually starts as a red lump or scaly patch hat doesn’t heal even after a long time and treatment.

Diabetes: Diabetes is a condition that requires constant monitoring. There are two types of diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce any insulin. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which your body is unable to make enough insulin, or cannot use it properly. This is why diabetes is considered a silent killer. Some common symptoms include excessive thirst, hunger, sudden weight loss, frequent urination, tiredness, slow-healing sores or cuts, and blurry vision. The exact cause of diabetes is not known. However, genetics, obesity, a poor diet and lack of exercise appear to play important roles in developing this disease.

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